Adopted by THEM?! (ON HOLD)


Mackenzie has been an orphan since she was five, she doesn't remember her parents, and no one wants her because she's thirteen, but what happens when THE One Direction adopts her?


3. Death is upon me

Niall's POV: (Niall, if you find this story, I want you to know, You're my favorite!)

"So, Mackenzie, tell us about yourself." Liam said, and she looked up from her book.

"Um, Okay, what do you want to know?" She asked, and Louis and Harry started fighting over who should ask the first question. (Yeah, I know they're older and not as childish, BUT IF I WANT THEM TO BE LIKE THAT, I WILL!!)

"Do you want us to call you Mackenzie, or do you want us to use a nickname?" I asked, since Liam was trying to stop Louis and Harry from fighting.

"Well, my old friends used to call me Mac, or Kenzie, so, you can call me one of those if you want." She said smiling a little.

"What are you reading?" Louis asked.

"Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, it's my favorite!" She exclaimed happily. (I really love that book, it's my favorite!)

"What do you like to do?" Harry asked.

"Reading, writing, and simfffff..."She muffled the last part. So we couldn't hear.

"What was that?" Harry asked her.

"Simffff....."She said again trying not to smile.

"Simfff? Yeah I like to do that too." Louis told her smile like mad, and she laughed.

"Singing, I said, I like singing." She said in between laughs.

"You like singing? Maybe you should sing something before we preform." Liam suggested, her eyes went wide.

"Nope, no, sorry, never in a million years! I don't like singing in front of people." She told him, he nodded understanding, but then. I got this feeling in my stomach, no, I don't like that feeling!! I get this feeling all the time! It hurts! I'm dying! Death is upon me!

"I'm hungry!" I complained.

"You can wait until we get home Niall." Liam told me, and I shook my head.

"No, I'm dying, Liam, Harry, Louis, Kenzie, Death is upon me!" I said, then closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out, Kenzie, Harry and Louis were laughing their heads off, while Liam was calling me dramatic.

"Tell Zayn I love him...Like a brother!" I called putting my hand in the air, then I held Kenzie's hands. "Kenzie...If I die, I want you to make sure....That there's lots of food in my coffin." I told her, then sat up normally because Liam said we can go get something to eat.

"YAY!" We all cheered, while Liam laughed



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