Kye is just a normal school boy with difficult gender problems. Once, he's loved a girl before. Then another, he's loved a boy. And sometimes at the same time, he's loved both. Kye doesn't know what to do and seeks help from his older brother, who unfortunately is all the way in London, England. But what can Kye do? His feelings are all over the place he doesn't know what to do.


1. Chapter One

"Emo freak!"

"Goth freak."

There are many names that I am called. From all of them, I don't mind any of them. Yes, I'm an emo freak, Goth freak, and many other names you would think that would describe me. I don't mind, and I don't care.

"You know you shouldn't let them get away with that." Tina, my best friend said. Her eyes were glittering with worry. I just frowned and shook my head and said. "I don't really care. If they want to call me those names, let them. I know that they're not all entirely true."

"But there aren't." Tina persisted,

I just simply shook my head. Some of the names that they called me were really true. I was a emo freak, though not really a freak. I was a book worm, but not a worm, and I was most certainly a teacher's pet, well not really pet. But, whatever they wanted to call me, they can call me that, it won't hurt me, not in the slightest...

"Class!" the teacher came into the room. Everyone grew silent until the class rep broke through the silence in calling out the names of the students.

* * * * * *


Tina looked around to see her other friends. They waved at her and motioned her to come and sit with her. Tina just shook her head and scuttled closer to me. 

I frowned. "Why don't you go sit with Jessica?" I asked. We were at lunch, Tina and I had found a spot to sit, away from the popular tables and into the unpopular's. We were the only ones at the table.

Tina frowned at me. "Have you seen what she can do?" she gawked.

I shrugged, Yes, I have seen what Jessica Myers can do if you get on the wrong side of her.  "Yeah, but isn't that making you her enemy if you don't it with her?" I asked.

Tina sighed. "I don't really want to get involved with that hag anymore."

I stiffened a giggle at that, but I smiled. 

"She's worse than two gorillas!"

I smiled even more. Tina caught me and I looked away, still smiling. 

"I knew you could smile, Kye!" she exclaimed. "You should smile more."

I blushed. "Smiling not my thing." I said quietly.

Tina gasped dramatically. "Yes it is! You're so cute when you smile, Kye!"

I looked at her. "Really?"

Tina nodded viciously.

I smiled. "T-thanks." I said shyly.

Tina smiled wide. "You're welcome."

I blushed even more. Tina was my best friend, sometimes I think I'm in love with her, but most of the times, I'm not. It's been like that. It's something that I haven't yet to figure out, and I wish I don't for I don't want to know the answer!

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