Forbidden Connection

Aurora is an elf. Aura is a dragon. Their people are at war. One fateful day they meet and a forbidden friendship begins.


1. Chapter 1

 It was the dawn of a bright beautiful day in Whispering Forest.  The sun’s light was just peeking through the branches and bushes of the forest.  The birds had just arisen to sing of the coming of morning. 
The birds were not the only creatures awake on this beautiful morning. At the edge of the forest walked a lone elf. She had a small figure but walked with incredible grace and serenity.  She was at peace here were no others of her kind were around to watch her every move, at peace with herself but worried at the events that she knew her people to be a part of.  For they were in the midst of a terrible war, one that was not likely to end any time soon.  She worried for the safety of all those she cared about.  She worried for the survival of her people and of those they fought.  She did not agree with the war, nor with the reason it was being fought.
This war is just a silly excuse to practice their skills at fighting, Aurora thought with disgust. They have no real reason to be fighting. All they have to do is open their eyes to see that.
Aurora sighed. She was incredibly disheartened knowing that her people, her family, her friends were so eager to fight and possibly die in this war for absolutely no reason. What were they fighting for anyway?  The dragons had never threatened them. The elves did not want any of their land.  There had never been any antagonism between the two races prior to the beginning of the war.  Why was it that no one else could see that the war was pointless?  She sighed again and continued to walk.
In truth, she was not actually supposed to be out in the forest.  She was supposed to be back in the city of Rialla with her parents.  She should have been studying, practicing her swordsmanship and skill with the bow and arrow.  Being the daughter of the king had allowed her very little freedom to do what she wanted.  Two nights ago she had snuck out of the city and travelled here to be alone.  No doubt she would be in trouble when she returned, but for the moment she did not care.  She was determined to enjoy this time that she had allotted herself before returning.
Despite the fact that she trying to enjoy herself, her thoughts kept returning to the war.  Why was it that her people could not accept a peaceful solution?  Was it possible that she had missed something in all those meetings she had been forced to attend?  She shook her head at that thought.  She had been sure to pay extremely close attention to everything said at those meetings. There just seemed to be no reason for this war with the dragons.
Realizing she had stopped moving during her speculation, she continued on her walk.  She began to listen to the singing birds, allowing their beautiful songs to ease her worried mind.  She would regret leaving this place when she had to return.  If only the rest of her people could see that with the forest at peace they could be too. But alas she knew it could not be so while her father and those encouraging the war refused to see reason.  
She was aware of only one elf who saw these events the way she did. This was the elder named Arella. She was a kind compassionate woman who did not approve of violence. Aurora had spent many years with Arella, and they had become very good friends.  When Aurora became old enough, she began being taught under Arella’s guidance.  Arella always suggested getting some perspective on problems.  It was actually she who suggested that she get away from it all for a while.  Perhaps she was right and not thinking about her troubles would help. 
By now, Aurora had reached the river. She sat on a rock and watched it flow past her, undisturbed as the rest of the forest by the war her people fought.  Perhaps she should bring her observations of the rest of the forest before her father and his advisors and urge them to end this pointless and futile war. 
It is they who need to get some perspective on this issue, she thought with a soft snort of laughter. She imagined them standing out in the middle of the forest without a clue what they were doing there.  Hmm… Perhaps it would do them some good to come out here and see for themselves.  She made a note to herself to suggest the idea to Arella and see what she thought.
Aurora began to hum a soft melody to herself.  She heard a sudden crack and froze. She cocked her head and listened. There it was again. Moving only her eyes, she searched for the source of the noise.  She quickly spotted an egg a few feet away. It was larger than a bird’s egg. This, she realized, was a dragon’s egg.
She moved over to the egg and sat down next to it.  Others among her people might have destroyed the egg and not thought twice about it, but she was not like them.  Gingerly she reached out and placed her hand on the egg.  She could feel it quivering and shaking beneath her hand. She removed her hand and sat back to watch.  Soon she saw a head poking through a large hole in the shell.  Ad she watched, the dragon worked to free the rest of its body.
When the dragon had finally freed itself, it took a step toward her and stumbled.  Aurora instantly put a hand out to steady it.  She had not expected that the moment she touched it a feeling like ice would run through her body. She hastily pulled her hand back and looked down at it then over to the dragon.
“Did you do that?” she asked cautiously.
Instead of replying the dragon just cocked it head and stared at her.
“Can you tell me your name?” Aurora asked.
Aurora froze as she felt an alien mind touch hers gently. I am Aura, the mind said softly.
“Well it is very nice to meet you Aura,” Aurora replied, still cautious.
Why are you afraid? Aura asked.
“I am not afraid. I am simply being cautious,” Aurora replied hastily.
Am I correct in assuming that caution is advised in all situations? Aura asked.
“You are,” Aurora said softly.
You need not speak your responses aloud, Aura advised kindly. Think them to me and I will hear them.
Why does it work like that? Aurora wondered to Aura.
I haven’t a clue, Aura replied.
Will it work with all dragons? Aurora asked.
Again, I haven’t a clue, Aura responded.    
Aurora sat quietly and pondered the most recent series of events of which she had been apart. She could not help but think that it was almost unfortunate that she had witnessed the hatching of this young dragon.  Now she could not honestly say that nothing interesting happened to her while she was away. This was going to cause her a great dilemma. Should she tell her father that she saw a dragon hatch? Should she lie and say that she saw nothing of dragons at all? 
All of a sudden a solution struck her.  It was simply one of those times in which you say one thing and mean another.  It was a rather common circumstance among her people. 
However, she thought to herself, I will tell Arella of what I have witnessed. She deserves to know.
Who is Arella? Aura asked.
How did you hear me? You weren’t trying to read my thoughts were you? Aurora accused.
No.  We are bonded, so most of what you think, I will hear. There is almost nothing we can do to prevent it, Aura explained gently and soothingly.
This may cause a problem, Aurora said shocked.
How so? Aura asked curiously.
Aurora let out a sigh.  There is a great war between our people.  I do not know how it started or why it is being continued.  All I know is that my people are…eager to fuel this war.  There is nothing I can think of that will stop all of this terrible and pointless fighting.  This war has gone on far too long.
This is indeed a dilemma, Aura said softly.  However, I believe we will find a way to overcome it.  Let us make a pact, dear friend.
What is this pact you speak of? Aurora asked, greatly interested.
I suggest that we both agree to work together and apart to convince both our peoples to stop fighting each other and make peace with each other, Aura proposed promptly.
 That has not worked before, Aurora said slowly.  But who knows.  Maybe now is the time to try again.
Well, now that that is settled, Aura said.   Would you mind showing me just where I can find some other dragons?  After all our pact would hardly work if I could not find them.
 Aurora laughed.  I believe I can arrange that, she said cheerfully.


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