The diary:Best Birthday Prank!

The Best birthday prank ever!! enjoy my experience !!! enjoy !!


1. The diary:Best Birthday Prank!

My diary.                    



It’s now 7.30 pm, in 5 more hours a special day awaits for me- my birthday! I have huge plans for my birthday. I was thinking was my friends would do, will they gift me my favorites or they arrange for a party…..Ohhhh can’t wait….  I never thought so much harder for even my exams…I am excited about tomorrow. BIRTHDAY- is the day when people give you special attention and treat you like a princess!

It’s now 8.15 pm; I am checking my messages in my phone, my chats, searching for any advance wishes…..but nothing was there. Maybe they will wish tomorrow. Even my best friends didn’t drop any wishes for me in advance…. I finally ended my hunt for wishes, thought my excitement was soo high, I relaxed myself and calmed me. I turned the lights off and went to sleep…that’s when ‘the thing’ started…

The thoughts about my birthday did not let me sleep, I thought,  it was now 9.30pm, and I turned to my left, to my right, hugged my pillow, kicked my pillow but nothing helped to get me some sleep. I definitely need some sleep because I have a huge day ahead! So I closed my eyes and forced me to get some sleep. After a few minutes I felt something unusual…something different...something really creepy…I opened my eye examined the whole room, hmm…….nothing…Again I closed my eye, the same feeling occurred once again, once again I woke up to check my room……once again nothing there…. But I definitely felt something.

This time I was to close my eye with something creepy near me. I want to find out what it is. So I turned on the lights and got down from my bed, first I want to make sure there is nothing under my bed; with a bit of fear…Ok…with lot of fear I looked under my bed. I slowly lifted the bedcover anddddd THUD! A huge sound scared the life out of me. I immediately looked around; it seemed as if the sound came from outside. I reached the window and tried to open it, what’s wrong, the windows were stuck, and it looked as if someone locked it. I tried hard to open it, but it didn’t open. I kept trying and trying and trying and trying…….THUD! Another sound was heard.

But this time the sound came from downstairs….Ohhh my god…something flashed in my mind that someone is definitely inside my home, and I don’t know what to do whether I should call for help or handle the situation myself…I was thinking and thinking and thinking….and THUD! THUD!! More sound was heard from downstairs, I can’t wait I rushed to the door and tried to open it, but like the windows the door was also stuck. I can’t open it, someone is holding the door from outside, I thought, I slowly kept my ear on the door to listen what is happening on the other side, sss….sss… I could hear someone breathing; this confirms that someone is in my house! I want to make sure whether what I heard is true; I again kept my ear on the door, this time nothing was heard.

With a partial sign of relief I again tried to open the door, it opened! The moment I opened the door I heard footsteps running down the stairs…  I followed it…as I raced down the stairs I tripped and fell down. After I managed to get up I heard my phone ringing, I got my phone and answered it but no reply came from other side but I could hear someone breathing from other side of the phone. As I opened my mouth to ask who is it? Another sound THUD! Came from the kitchen.  

I just moved one step forward, the current went off. This incident was perfect to increase my fear to high bars with some stranger inside my home. It was completely black and not a microscopic sized light was seen. “Standing in the same place will not help me”, I thought. I want to find a light source; I found my mobile still in my hand. I turned the light on and flashed it all around. A spooky kind of feeling approached me; I felt someone is standing behind me. Without wasting a minute I turned around……

Bunches of snakes like things fell all over me…!! I was kind of buried inside the snake like things, I tried to come out of the burial, and suddenly a hand came and pulled me out. It was a tight grip and after I came out, I saw a shiny gloves-wearing hand came to choke my neck!!

I pushed the unknown person hard and grabbed my phone. With the insufficient light I reached the door and ran out to the road and looked behind to see if the person is following me, but he dint. I also noticed one thing also that my house is the only house without current. Hmmmm…something is definitely not right. As I was thinking my phone rang again, I answered it, but before I could say anything the person other side cleared his throat, I asked who he was, he gave a unusual answer , that was “ who I am does not matters, but where I am does matters”, “ is something wrong with him?” I thought. Well, but I do know where he is, he is inside my home, I told him this. But without saying a reply he disconnected the phone.

I cannot go inside or stay outside because it was soo cold outside. But even though I sat outside until I find some safety. Due to all the scary adventures inside I felt sleepy now. My eyelids were heavy with sleep, I slowly closed my eye, down went my eyelids…down…down…down…… ohhhhoooo; two hands came from behind and closed my eye. I kicked, I pushed, everything was useless, I was pulled inside my home, that person dragged me like dog and we came to the hall. The person made me stand steadily, and slowly removed his hand from my eye…

Another person stood in front of me, OMG, a small candle was burning below him and OMGG, and he was holding a knife. “Is he going to kill me? What did I do? I didn’t do anything wrong!’” I thought. That person raised his hand as if he was going to stab me, that’s it I am not going to celebrate my b’day, that’s it I thought. I covered my eye and thought should this happen just before my birthday? Not good,…..anddd….BOOM….a balloon burst, I opened my eye with confusion and saw that the current came and Ohhh goddd, my dear friends surrounded me and throw small party paper on me, soo this party paper was the snake like thing, so who were the two person who scared the heck out of me? Obviously it was my friends Noah and Vijay, that small candle which I saw was the candle on the cake and Vijay gave me the knife, which I thought was going to spare my life, to cut the cake. As we were celebrating and me recovering from the shock noticed that it was sharp 12’o clock….

So all these things were just to make my birthday something special? Something unforgettable? Sure it was, what a birthday, it was!! I really felt as is I am the most special person in the world right now! Thanks to my lovable friends to make this day possible!!

You know, that’s why we need some friends!! Be happy enjoy every part of your life and make not only some moments memorable, but your whole life- the most memorable!!

          Enjoy your day!!! Enjoy your life!!




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