1. The Beginning

The whistle blows. Splashes of the people around you are so loud it feels like a bomb going off in your head. 'Swim, swim, swim!' I thought in my head as we do a 200 free. 'Faster! You have to go faster!' Moving one with the water, i jolt in front of everyone and finish a whole set before the rest of my team finishes. "Now THAT is why Rebecca is team captain!!" I hear my coach scream as the water boy comes over to hand my one of my bottles. I prop myself up on the edge of the pool while everyone else is finishing. Watching them, all out of breath, coach picks up his mic and yells "alright ladies hit the showers!" Everyone grabs their towels and starts to walk into the locker room around the corner. I put my water down and start swimming again. Coach stops me and says "Beca! you train too hard! I will see you at home" I nod and keep swimming. "Oh, and beca?" he says as i look at him "dont forget, the boys swim practice is starting in 10, so move over to the top lane please." I role my eyes and move over 3 lanes to the top lane so I don't get in the way.

               So i swim for about another 45 minutes. I prop myself up on the ledge as the water boy walks over to hand me my towel as I see the men's team walk through the gate. The water boy (I'm not really sure what his name is) sits down next to me. He gives me kind of an accusitory look. "So, y-you swam re-eally well today B-beca" he stutters. I lightly smile and acknowledge him. "Um, s-so I was wondering if you are g-going to the dance tomorrow night, w-ith a date?" and I look at him and lie "Ha, um yeah actually I am. I'm going with... with um... with Sam" I say as I point to the swim captain Sam Parker. "O-oh, okay then" and he gets up and starts to leave. "hey. can I ask you something?" I ask him. he nods kind of frightened. "Why do you stay and watch me practice everyday after everyone leaves?" I ask just realizing that all week this week he has stayed after practice to give me water and my towel. "u-um, well, because I think you are... amazing. As an athlete and a person." I look at him in shock and I say "wow. no.. no one has every called me 'amazing' before" he grins and walks away.  

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