Raw till four

A guide to a healthy lifestyle...vegan ism. So why vegan ism? Well read this book and it will tell you. I struggled with bulimia for about a little over half a year. Veganism helped me almost completely recover. Raw till four?yesss


1. Authors note

  Now I used to believe I could never even give up meat, but then I started having an eating disorder. This is why it was easy for me to jump into a vegan lifestyle. It may be harder for other individuals, but I promise the vegan lifestyle will help your physical and mental health. I had bulimia. What is bulimia? I would try to starve myself skipping breakfast and lunch. I would then binge (eat an excessive amount of food) when I got home. Later that night or right away I would go into the bathroom and purge (throw the food up). I tried everything to get rid of the bulimia. I even drank coffee (which decreases insulin levels), so I wouldn't get hungry. It worked for the last week where I showed anorexic behaviors, till I became a vegan. I know the struggle, the emotional pain eating disorders can come with. Becoming vegan helped my emotional struggles as well as physical. No, I do not just eat fruits and veggies. I have quinoa, rice, wheat, flour (in baked foods), vegan pasta, vegan pizza (DELICIOUS), and even chocolate. I can eat Larger portions than a nonvegan. So why people believe vegan ism is so hard? Because they don't know how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. Eat. Eat. Eat. Well vegans don't eat right? False. We eat A LOT. So enjoy this book raw till four.

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