The Robbery

The story is about USA's richest man, David Koch. He got robbed, and the thief stole about ten million dollars. David is still rich but he still want the ten million dollars back.

So here is story of how the richest man in USA got his Money back
ps there will be a second book......


1. The Robbery (Part one)

Written By Laila Sahal

Once upon a time, there was a robbery at David Koch's house. As you might not know, David Koch is USA´s richest man. And when he got robbed, everybody in USA knew about it.

As I said David is very rich, so he got some detectives to look at his case. They were very shocked, because the thief had stolen about 10 million dollars. They knew that they were dealing with a professional thief. So they were looking for fingerprints and footmarks. The detectives found one lead. It was a fingerprint.

David took the fingerprint to the police and said:” This fingerprint belongs to the person who robbed me”. The policeman tried to calm David down. But David was so upset, he needed to know who robbed him. So he tried to get through the policeman and over to the lab. But before he knew it, there was five policemen in front of him. David got forced out, and drived home.

David were still upset. He complained it all to his brother, and now his brother want to help. David´s brother knew some people in the hood. He told David that they could help him out. David got an idea. So David told his brother the plan in a vicious way. And then everybody got instuctions.

Three guys from the hood got into the lab meanwhile David's brother were looking out for any policemen. Before David's brother knew it he got attacked from behind by a policeman. The three guys heard the fall and ran away with the result of the fingerprint. The three guys ran all the way to David's house. David got so damn excited that he pulled the fingerprint result out of the one guy´s hand. And read the paper very carefully. There stood “Mary Koch”. David was speechless. David said quietly “My own mother robbed me”. One of the guys said:” I'm sorry but i think you should know that your brother is in jail”. David looked at him like if he was going to kill him. But instead he said:” How could it go wrong?”. “ I don't know we were inside, but I heard him fall”. David loosens it, he grabs a vase and throws it at the guy. The three guys ran away. And now it´s only David alone in the livingroom.

David paid the bail and showed his brother the fingerprint result. There were a moment where they were just looking at each other. But then David said:” We need to find her”. His brother nodded agree. So David called his detectives in again. There didn't go long before they tracked her mobile signal down. She was only in the other side of the city. So David and his brother went as soon as they heard the news. Now it's David and his brother on the road all the way through town.

When they finally arrived to her house they knocked on the door aggressively. Mary opened the door. " What do you want" she said. David got mad and pushed her to the side, and slowly he walked in. Mary just looked at her two sons and walked in too. David yelled "Where is my money!". Mary didn't say anything for a while. Then she broke the silent, " I don't wanna talk about it". David's Sister walks in pregnant. " That's why I stole your money" She said and pointed at his sister's stomach. David got speechless. He slowly looked at his brother. And then David walks over to his sister and hugs her. " You can keep my money, and next time you don't have to steal it, I would had said yes if you asked me". He whispered in her ear. "But why do you need 10 million dollars? ". "Hmm darling I only stole 1 million dollars". said his mom very confused." Then who stole the 9 million dollars?"...

The mystery of the robbery continues...




Hope you will read part 2 ...... when I will write it.....



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