Accidental Love

Scarlett Doesn't expect much when she moves to London to work on her writing career. She has published 3 books, and wants to find inspiration in Europe. But that is until she meets One Direction. She isn't a fan. In fact she hates the band. But when most of them fall for her. Will she realise that they're not as bad as she once thought>? Find out in 'Accidental Love'.


1. Chapter One: Journey To Inspiration

Scarlett POV:

I woke up, with the sun shining bright. My vision took a minute to focus, and then the memories of yesterday flooded my mind. I arrived in London last night. I woke up in the fanciest hotel room, i'd ever seen. 

I wanted to go to London, to get inspiration for A new book. My editor wants a new book by next March. I brushed my hair and put in into a long braid down my shoulder. I got dressed into a knee length flowly, soft, forest green dress. I did my makeup, with some red lipstick. I grabbed my messenger bag, and went out of my hotel room. I caught the elevator, and clicked the 1 button. "Wait.'' Someone with a English accent called. I pressed the open door button, to hold the door open. He got in, he had black hair done nice, and one ear piercing. He wore a leather jacket, and normal jeans.  Then it hit me. Zayn Malik. The guy from that band i hate...One Direction. 


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