Tattoos and Porcelaine

Eliza wasn't much of a school person. She didn't do well in her classes and would much rather just not go. That is, until she met the new kid in school.


3. New friends

Brandon couldn't bother getting out of bed in the morning, normally just getting up whenever he pleased. Today being Monday, was no exception. His alarm clock rang at 6:30, but he didn't find himself getting out of bed to start the day until 10:00. He pulled on a blue-almost black- tee shirt, some black skinny jeans, and combat boots. 


As Brandon was rushing around the room trying to get ready, his mom shouted at him for being late (again). Brandon grabbed his book bag and walked out the door, pulling on his black and grey hoodie as he did so. He quite skillfully managed to grab his keys as well, walking towards the old truck that his mother had gotten him two years ago for his 16th birthday. It was black-ish color with spotches where the paint had come off.


Brandon rushed to school, breaking the speed limit to do so. Meanwhile, Eliza sat in second block. She kept glancing at the clock, just waiting on the bell to ring. 


"Miss Winters, would you like to tell me why the clock seems to be so interesting?" Mrs. Brown asked, turning all the class' eyes on her. 


Eliza shifted under the eyes of her class mates. She hates to be the center of attention. "I-I just..." is all she managed to get out before being mocked by one of the popular kids, Brittany.


"'I-I just...' Hah, she can't even form a proper sentence." Brittany said, and immediately the whole class was snickering at Eliza. "Was that a stutter I heard? Someone a little shy? Aw honey, you don't have to be scared." Brittany continued to mock her. The classes quiet snickers grew into giggles and some laughing.


Eliza's face burned with embarrassment as she sunk in her seat, trying to avoid the multiple eyes of her classmates. She wouldn't admit it, but the bullying and teasing hurt her more than most people would think. She strives to impress people, but it is quite hard when nobody really... likes you. She sat back, tapping anxiously on her desk until the bell rang. 


The loud sound rang through the school building and Eliza shot straight out of her seat, rushing out of the classroom. She ran to the bathroom and locked herself in a stall, letting the tears fall freely. After maybe five minutes, there was a knock on the stall door.


"Eliza...?" she heard, "Hi. I'm Ashley. Are you okay?"


There was a sniffle before Eliza unlocked the door. "I-I'm fine." She managed a weak smile. "Just a little shaken.. and embarrassed." She laughed a little, walking to the mirror and taking in the mascara smudges that are going down her face as if they were chasing her tears. "Gosh, I'm a mess."


Ashley laughed a little. "Get cleaned up. We're going to class together." She said, handing Eliza a wet paper towel and helping her to clean up.


After Eliza washed the makeup off of her face, she and Ashley walked to class. They walked in 30 minutes late. The teacher did, however, understand the situation and sent Eliza and Ashley to their seats. Eliza was sitting next to Brandon. 


"I thought we didn't have classes together?" Eliza said confused.


"We didn't, but I was late to English again so they transferred me into Chemistry." He said, hiding the smile that was growing at seeing the beautiful girl. "Looks like we're lab partners." He said.


"Looks like it." Eliza said, with a small smile. "Let's get to work."

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