So there isn't much to tell about it, you just have ot read to find out. It's not very good, I did it when I got bored. Check it out if you can!


1. Not a Chapter

 No one knows the answer, many search, many fail, many are close, but no one knows the answer to the unknown question.

Walk the secret path, unknown to your peers, or even yourself.

No one knows the question nor the answer.

None know the consequences of walking the path of light, gold, beauty, and temptation, that path is an illusion. Walk the dark path, the one that is full of danger and misery, for that too, is an illusion.

Believe me, walk in darkness for you will end in light, walk in the path of light and you will surely end in darkness.

But it is your choice, your own journey to find the answer to the unknown question.

Why do we search an answer for an unknown question?

We don't know that answer either, seach for that as well, for when that, the unknown question is answered, you will find your journey.

The unknown question and answer do not exist.

The question is unknown because it is not the same for anyone. Why, you may ask, do we search for a question and answer that don't exist?

I don't know. Find your own unknown question, and follow the path to find the answer

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