2. 2

Peyton's POV

KNOCKNOCKNOCK "ugh ill get it" I say getting out of bed and putting my hair in a messy bun and went to open the door "helloo LOUIS" I yelled and jumped in his arms "hey baby sis were you sleeping" he asked I jumped down "yes but I was going to get up anyway" I said "whats with the yel NIALLER" Alayna yelled "hey bay sis" Niall said to Alayna I may have I HUGE crush on him "can we come in its cold" harry asked "umm yea" I said and went in the kitchen and of course Niall followed me "can I have something to drink" he asked "umm y.yeah" I stuttered. I opened the fridge and grabbed a coke "here'' I said handing him his drink ''thanks um can I ask you something" he ask " sure what's up" I said looking at him "will you um be my um" I cut him off by smashing my lips on his. he kissed back and his hands went to my waist and mine went to his neck are kiss got more passionate in till we go interrupted "WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE" Louis of course asked "um well" I started "Peyton go to your room and Niall go to the room your staying in" Liam said. but we didn't we just stayed there his hands still on my waist and mine on his neck "NOW" he yelled we still didn't move "no were not kids and you cant tell us what to do" I said and Louis looked stunned and mad "if you don't go to your room I will drag you there'' he said I had never seen this part of him. I let go of Niall "water beats fire Louis " I said facing him. but Louis didn't say anything he walked over to me and raised his arm and slapped me and I fell. "oh my god Peyton I'm sorry I didn't mean to" Louis said but I just got up walked over to him and punched him in the face kicked him in the balls and left.








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