Daddies Little Terror

This is a dark age play story, and if you don't like that kind of stuff, then just don't read it okay? It's so simple. I'll let you know some things for your safety; I don't cuss, out loud or on paper. There WILL be quite a few sexual scenes, and some rape involved. I'm not a very fast writer, so don't expect daily updates, though I'll do my best. If you have any comments ( nice, polite ones only please) or concerns, please comment cause I can't read your minds.

Thanks, and enjoy!


1. 1.

Lexi's pov.


Returning from my lunch break, I dropped my bag on the floor and stretched my arms over my head, tilting my head from side to side, breathing in the rich coffee. I made my way around the counter, pumped fists with Ashley, my best friend, and exchanged places with her at the counter, slipping an apron over my head. Tying the apron behind my back, I smiled at the next costumer, brushed my black and purple hair out of my face, and took their order. The next song, Cheerleader, came on the speakers and I slightly danced to the song as I made the customer's mocha with whipped cream and cinnamon, which happens to be my favorite. I told the man so as I set down his drink and he smiled at me. " Have a nice day!" I called after him as he walked out the door, then I took the next customers order.


A nice old lady walked in, followed by two young boys. " Hi, my name is Lexi, what can I get for you today?" I asked, smiling warmly as they came up to the counter. One boy giggled and clapped his hands. " It's my birthday! Gramma said I could get a cake!" He shouted, and a couple people in the store turned and chuckled at his cuteness. I giggled. " Oh? And how old are you?" I asked, and his smile seemed to light up the hole store. He held up five fingers and jumped up and down a bit. " Five! Wow! Well, I have just the cake for you." And with that, I turn around and pick up a medium sized cake decorated with green frosting to look like a monster. Little chocolate chips made up the monsters face, and when the boy saw it he bounced up and down with joy. The boy's grandma thanked me and paid, and they left.


A couple teenage boy's came in, causing the bell above the old-fashioned door to ding. They went over and sat down at a table near the door, and one of them came up to me. Everyone had returned back to their drinks now that the little boy had left, and it seemed like I was the only on that noticed his gold scull lip ring, glowing brightly against his soft pale pink lips. I shook my head to clear it and smiled as he approached. " Take our order at the table please." He said, and the way he said it seemed more like an order. I shook my head and followed him to the table.


" Alright, what would you like?" I asked, bringing my pen to my note pad. " I'll have the hot chocolate with berry nut and whipped cream, with a side of you to go please." The boy with the lip ring ended, smirking. I raised an eyebrow at him. " Well, if you were ready to take me home just like that, you must be such a man-whore. Why would I want to waste my time on someone like you?" I ask, and his so-called friends snicker. His face turns bright red, and mumbles something that no one hears. I finish taking the rest of their orders, and go back to the counter where another customer is waiting.



Zayn's pov.


" Take our order at the table please." I said, and I couldn't help eyeing her purple and black hair as I turned and headed back to the table. Her hips swayed slightly as she approached our table, and my best friend, Jack, leaned over and whispered in my ear, " Would you look at that!" He nodded towards her face, and for the first time I noticed the little scull earrings tangling from her ears. Looks like my baby girl is dark too. Yes, I'm a daddy dom, and my last baby girl cheated on me a couple months ago, which is why I'm looking for a new one. And I think this little girl would be perfect.



" Alright, what would you like?" She asked, bringing her pen to the note pad. " I'll have the hot chocolate with berry nut and whipped cream, with a side of you to go please." I said, smirking. She raised an eyebrow cutely at me. " Well, if you were ready to take me home just like that, you must be such a man-whore. Why would I want to waste my time on someone like you?" She ask's, and my so-called friends snicker. I feel my face get hot, and I mumble, " How would you like to be bent over my knee and spanked, little girl?" No one hears, and she returns to the counter with our orders.


One things for sure, I've found my baby girl, and she has no idea what's coming for her.



Lexi's pov.


" Can you lock up for me today please? I'm baby sitting tonight, and if i'm late again, I don't think my clients are going to be very happy." Ashley said, throwing some stuff into her bag." Sure!" I smiled at her, and she shouted her thanks, running out the door. After a few minutes, the rest of the costumers that were still here started getting up and leaving until the only one's who remained where those boy's. Since we don't close until 10:30, and it's only 10:15, I can't exactly kick them out, but I wish they would hurry up and leave already so I can go home. The one that I had practically turned down earlier was watching me with a curious look, and when his friends left, he stayed behind, so now it was only me and him. I really hope he doesn't get any ideas. 


He got up, threw his cup away, and joined me behind the counter leaning against the wall. I ignored him and kept cleaning, though it was hard with his piercing brown eye's watching me the entire time. I notice the tag on his shirt, and find that he's the boss of the large advertising company down the street, and his name is Zayn. Finally, after a few minutes I set my broom aside and faced him, crossing my arms over my chest, unconsciously pushing my breasts up. His eye's zero down to my chest and I quickly put my hands on my hips. " Um, can I help you or something?" My voice is trembling, oh god, I'm scared half to death. What if he has a gun? Is he going to kill me? Rape me? God, I with Ashley hadn't left.


His eye's met mine once more, and he moved some of his hair out of his face, give me a big smile. " Actually, you can." He said, taking a step toward me, then another. For every step he took, I took one back until my back was pressed up against the wall. I bit my lip as he placed one hand on the wall beside my head and the other on my thigh. He leaned in so his face was close to mine. " You see, I have a little problem. I'm a daddy dom, but without a little girl." He say's, licking his lips. I struggle to find my voice, because whenever I get scared my throat closes up and it's hard to say anything. " You m-mean like age p-play?" I ask, my voice shaking as his hand moves up and down my thigh, and he smirks.


It's pitch black outside, and the only light is coming from the back office, casting an eerie glow over the whole store. I can just see the outline over his large and well build form as the man picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist, pressing my back painfully up against the wall. " Yes, baby girl." He say's, leaving a trail over kisses along my neck and jaw. " Your perfect. I can't wait to see how you look with a pacifier in your mouth." He kisses the space between my breasts, and I feel like I want to throw up. " Your pretty little red ass high in the air when you've been naughty." He licks the side of my neck, biting and sucking at my sweet spot, causing me to stifle a moan.


 I want to fight. I want to run far away. I want to get away from this man and his twisted thoughts. But he's too strong, his large hands gripping me as if his life depended on my presence, his nails digging into my flesh. Finally, the pain makes realization clear my mind. " No! Let me go!" I push against his chest, struggling against his firm hold. He glares down at me and squeezes my thigh in warning, placing a hand over my mouth. I bite his hand and he nearly drops me. I 'accidentally' knee him where the sun don't shine, and push him away from me. I run past him and grab my backpack from behind the counter, dashing out the door.


I run into the woods behind the shop, but I only make a few paces before I'm roughly grabbed from behind. " Let me go! Help!" I scream, and I feel some material being shoved into my mouth and tied behind my head. Zayn throw's me over his shoulder and smacks my bum, causing me to yelp into the scarf. Tears start to form in my eye's, but I blink them back. I can't cry now. The only thing I can think as I'm thrown into a large black van is: 'Someone please help! I'm being kidnapped by a crazy man!'









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