My name is Firewolf, and I'm a warrior from Thunderclan, though my father came from Shadowclan. Out here, without a shadow of a doubt, you have to be brave and say what you feel, or you'll never make it. This is my life as a Warrior Cat. You will see my triumphs and my defeats along my path in this unforgiving world, and as well see how my friends either succeed, or fail and perish along the thunderpath of life it is in this place.



These are participating in the role play. They may come much later in the story, as they are only background characters. If you would like to participate in becoming a background character, then enter all the information needed in the same order as the ones listed below.


Account: Lionrampage

Name: Strongpaw

Age: 7 Moons

Gender: Male

Fur & other features: Orange fur with dark hints of gray and black along the spine, with a white belly spotted with grey and black spects. Slender sides with hard emerald eyes along with a large long scar going over the left eye, not rendering it useless but leaving obvious signs of it. Last a white and orange face with a long tail that is completely orange.

Status: Shadowclan refugee searching for a new home after being drove out at 5 moons and getting the scar from his father 

( Will make appearance in later chapters. )



Account: Tiger Storm

Name: Tigerfang

Age: 18 Moons

Gender: Female

Fur & other features: Orange fur, faint black stripes, white belly, green eye's,long fang and claws.

Status: A warrior who met her mate, Lightningscar, who becomes deputy,in the Mountain Tribe on a quest. 

( Will make appearance in later chapters. )


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