my broken heart

when niesa realises her heart wasnt broken in the first place it just needed to get bigger


1. run away

  niesa's pov

"you can't leave me in here forever" i say but i know he cant hear me.

why waste my breath after all ive done to help him he throws me into the in to the basement.

  niall's pov

"i love you mum"

i love all of what she does for me i love that she has helped me through hard times right i mean she can get a whole speech yelling at me.

niesa's pov

i need to make a plan a plan to escape from this place. i can climb out of the window yes that is my plan when he's asleep im going to sneek out of here and never come back.


5hours later 

im going to make a run for it even though i dont have any thing i have 




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