"Am I...dead?" My words come out a whisper as I look at the angelic boy.

He shrugs. "Something like that."

"Well, what is it? Am I dead or not?"

"You used to be."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're in the middle. You were revived."


2. First Day

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Yawning and stretching my arms, I lean forward and slap my right hand on the off button of my alarm clock. I look around my dark room, trying to find the courage to get out of bed and get ready for the school day.

Hmmm, cold tile and stairs or warm,comfy bed?

Without another thought I flopped backwards on my queen sized bed happily. "Just five more minutes,"I mumble to myself, "Then I'll get up."


1 hour later


"Emily!" My older sister's voice shrieks through the house. I wake up with a start, rubbing my eyes and stretching my legs and arms. Forcing my eyes open, I come face to face with the alarm clock. "Oh," I say cheerfully, "Only 7:30."

Then my eyes widen in recognition. "7:30!?" Throwing off the covers, I scramble off the bed and throw open the door, rushing down the stairs. Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap! The first day of the new school year and I'm already about to miss the bus! Damn you, comfy sheets!

When my older sister's annoyed eyes fall on me, they hold absolute horror. "Emily! Why aren't you dressed yet!? The bus'll be here any second!" Ignoring her, I speed to the kitchen, snatch the plastic bag of bread off the counter, and pop two pieces on the toaster. Then, I wheel back around and head up the stairs. I burst open my room door and grab my back-to-school outfit.

Wasting no time, I put it on, sliding the peach colored crop top and slipping the dark blue high waisted jeans up my legs. I run over to the bathroom and quickly put a pretty-ish donut bun in my hair. I snatch my makeup bag from the bathroom counter and am unzipping it when my sister, Kayla, calls, "Bus is here!"

I zip the makeup bag up, throw it into my pre packed backpack, and skitter down the stairs. Kayla waits, tapping her foot, and when I get down there it's only a half a second before we're out the door (after I grab my toast of course). The bus stop is about five feet right of our house, so it was no problem getting there.

We still rushed, though.

Quickly showing our bus pass to the driver, we hopped in. My sister takes one look at my hair and the makeup bag that I've just gotten out,opens up her hand, and says, "Let me."

No questions asked, I handed the bag over. She took out fewer things than I thought she would: eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, and blush. No eyeliner,lip gloss, not even concealer. I shrug though. She was a master at this. No need to be confused.

. . . . . . .

By the time we reached school, my makeup was more perfect than I've ever had it; my hair was taken out and put into a braid. She had let me borrow her heart earrings (of course making me promise not to lose them), and now, my look was complete.

"Wow, Em, you look great!" A friend of mine, Nita, nodded in approval. I loved Nita. We had been friends since, well, we'd been born. Our moms were high school best friends and were inseparable, and so are we. I look at her outfit. With her jet black hair pulled into a donut bun and her lavender dress, she looked pretty good.I return her smile with my own. "Thanks,Nita, you look awesome too!"

"Can I crash the party?" Our other friend, Kate, stood behind us with a grin. "Kate!" We yell in unison and smother her with hugs. She laughed the entire time. Nita and I met her in 5th grade. She was the funny girl that everyone loved, and we became the people that loved her the most. She was wearing a beige shirt and a cream colored polka dotted skirt that went down to her knees. She opens her mouth to speak. "So, how wa-"

She was cut short by a crowd pushing us into the gym for the beginning of school assembly. We were stumbling into the room and looking for seats when I bumped into a broad chest. I stumble back and look up to find hazel eyes staring back at me. "Sorry!" I apologize.

"It's ok." He says with a smile. My eyes widen. I think I just found my future husband! The next thing I know, Nita is dragging me over to some seats that she and Kate had found. Noooooo don't take me away from him! I pout sadly as I sit down in the chair with a thud. "God, Em, only the first day of school and you've already bumped into a 'hot guy'?" Nita says, rolling her eyes. I open my mouth to retort but am cut off by the principal starting his speech.

"Hello, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and welcome to a new year at Rackland High!" Cheers erupt from the crowd. He clears his throat. "So, I'd like to start off with..." His voice is blocked out of my mind as I turn around and start checking out the boy.

Yup, I was being that person.

As I drowned in his glorious features, I began to think he was hotter by the second. For one to understand how I feel, let me give the details: hazel eyes, tanned skin, easy to see abs and muscles (this boy was seriously toned), perfectly shaped lips, black curls that don't make it past his ears, and oh, I'm forgetting one thing.... HIS GODDAMN SEXY SMILE. He was showing it right now as he smiled at the principal giving the speech.

After checking to make sure I wasn't drooling, I heard the principal ask all new sophomores to stand.... And the hot guy was one of them! I watched as he stood up and looked around at the crowd.... His gaze falling in me.

Feeling my cheeks getting hot, I quickly turn around and face forward. Damn it. He saw me. He fucking saw me! Shit, this was embarrassing. But hey, what can I say? He was gorgeous. I had to look. I mean, when the God of Hotness shows you this undeniably sexy person, who wouldn't look?

I was pulled out of my happy little thought bubble by my two best friends. "Hey," Kate says, " Do you guys have your schedules?"

"Nope." Nita and I say.

"I think we get them in homeroom," I reply, "But I'm not completely sure."

Kate shrugs. "Ok, just wondering."

We continue to whisper through the principals speech, until he says, " So welcome to Rackland!" Then we're dismissed. "Who's your homeroom?" Nita asks us.

"Clayte" I say, just as Kate says,"Fisher."

"No way! I have Fisher too!" Nita high fives Kate. Than she turns to me and points. "Don't fret, my darling dear! It shalt be over soon!"

I roll my eyes. "God, you suck at Shakespearean talk."

She snorts. "It's not even called that."

"Whatever. Later!"

"Later!" They say in unison.

. . . . . .

So, I guess it's time to introduce myself, huh? Well, here ya go: My name is Emily Stevens. I am the youngest daughter of two children and am always tired. I hate and love school, I have dirty blond hair, olive skin, and my height is five foot six and a half. I'm not really into sports, but for some reason have a beach body. And one minor detail: I'm a nobody. Which is really weird, I may add, because my sister is the hottest and most popular girl in school. So you might think I would follow in her footsteps, right? Nope. No one really knows we're even related. So, there. Crappy introduction over with.

So anyways, back to that one sexy beast...



Authors Note: Lol. God, I'm weird. I think this is just my having a crush on someone come out into my writing. So, I hope this is bearable for ya'll!

Love ya- Thehiddengirl12






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