Ghost CAT

What would you do if you found a mysterious cat wandering the Earth seemingly without purpose or destination?


1. Prologue CAT

A cat is a lovey creature, is it not? Yes indeed it is. When I was alive, I was the best known cat in the streets. I fought hard for my territory and I never gave in to anything. Ever hear of the myth, cats have nine lives? That is not true. It is in some ways, but logically, its not. We have one life as everything else. We just have better reflexes than humans and other creatures. That's why they think we have nine lives. when we fall or are in danger, our bodies allow us to move fast before we hit the final point. But just because we are like that, doesn't mean we don't get into really dangerous situations where the result is death. Just take a look at me. I, unlike other cats, lived for twenty years as a living cat. Then I died during a car accident that I did not see coming. Well, maybe I did. Well, it was unfortunate. But I don't regret my decision. Life was starting to get boring. And this is my after story. Sheesh. I don't get a break, do I?

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