Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


1. Part One

There was a big event happening in New York City. Lights shone brightly, traffic jams were being built up and crowds of people gathered around the Global Museum of Gold and Treasures. For what? For a bunch of shiny, yet worthless gold? Well, the news reporter, a beautiful African-American woman called Penny Lamp, didn't think so.
   "Tonight is a very special night here at this Museum and for the city of New York," she said. "Why? Because we are celebrating the crew of the expedition who discovered more treasure owned by the Atzecs, but was stolen and hidden deeply by Hernan Cortes. And here they are!"
   A huge white limousine arrived in front of the reporter and the crew walked out. "Hey, Captain Fonda, any comments of your successful expedition?" asked Penny.
   Captain Fonda, a bald and muscular man in his uniform approached her. "Well, the expedition wouldn't be successful if it weren't for the brains of Dr. Kevin Haget, the strength and skills of Bernie Sugar and the knowledge of Aztecs from the lovely Adalina Dickson."
   Dr. Kevin Haget, who was an African-American man with glasses, Bernie Sugaer, a blonde, handsome and smiling pale man, and Adalina Dickson, a beautiful tanned young lady, smiled and waved to the camera.
   "Well, that's the secret behind teamwork," said Penny to the camera. "And now I see them entering the museum, not keeping the guests waiting. Wait a minute! What's happening?"
   The camera zoomed in on the building, which started crumbling! Lights inside went off, people ran out screaming and the building was falling down like mad.
   "Something horrible is happening!" cried Penny. "Stop the camera!"

Later that night, the Mystery Inc. van was driving down the streets.
   "Now this will be a mystery," said Fred.
   "Oh, no, not another mystery!" sighed Shaggy.
   "Rount re rout!" Scooby Doo the dog added.
   "No, I meant mystery as in to see what the city looks like," Fred said.
   "And what the clothes are like!" added Daphne.
   "And the broadways!" Velma joined in.
   "And the food!" Scooby and Shaggy screamed happily together.
   "Or the broken museum," said Velma.
   "What?" Fred stopped the van and got out.
   The rest of Mystery Inc. joined him as they walked to the destroyed museum, which was sealed off by the Police.
   Daphne spotted Penny Lamp who was talking to a policeman. When he walked away, Daphne said, "Excuse me. What happened here?"
   "The museum collapsed just when we were about to unveil the lost treasures of Cortes," Penny Lamp told them. "The building was working fine, security was tight and yet we don't know what caused it or why. Nobody has seemed to have died since the police can't find any bodies in there, yet we can't find the crew who brought the treasure here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get up early in the morning. Good night." And she walked off.
   "I know what and why!" exclaimed Fred.
   "Eh?" asked the other members.
   "We'll all know... once we get inside that building," explained Fred. 
   "Going somewhere where the police won't allow anyone to go in?" Daphne pointed out.
   "And this task is not worth a Scooby snack," pointed out Shaggy.
   "What about a whole box of Scooby snacks?" Velma offered.
   "No!" shouted Shaggy.
   "Ro ray!" snapped Scooby.
   "What if I told you my dad is going to buy the entire company of Scooby snacks all around the world?" said Daphne, winking to Fred and Velma.
   "Okay! Let's sneak in, Scoob!" yelled Shaggy.

Soon the gang entered the building.
   "I got an idea," said Fred. "Let's split up and look for clues. Now, Scooby and Shaggy..." But the scared duo vanished already.
    "Guess they knew what you were going to say already," said Velma. "'Scooby and Shaggy, you go that way and Daphne, Velma and I will go this way.'"
   Scooby and Shaggy were already at where the cantina was or used to be. They were disappointed that not even a crumb of cheese had survived.
   "Man, I thought the best survivors would be like food, Scoob," moaned Shaggy.
   "Reah," agreed Scooby.
   Then Shaggy saw something yellow on concrete. He leaned forward, touched it and tasted it. "Oh, it's not a clue. It's only mustard." Then he started to lick it like a dog.
   Scooby was trying to grab some too when he looked and saw something metal. "Raggy?" The metal mouse-like creature opened its mouth and Scooby ran for it.
Shaggy stopped what he was doing. "Like, where are you going, Scoob?" But he got no answer. So he carried on what he was doing, until he saw the metal creature. No, not the metal creature, metal creatures. They opened their mouths.
   "Zoinks!" And Shaggy ran for it.

Meanwhile, Fred and the girls have been looking through where the treasure was kept.
   "Well, this is where the treasure was kept or rather was going to be kept," said Velma.
   "But we can't even find any bodies anywhere," added Daphne.
   "So where can the treasure be and its crew?" asked Fred. "I hope Shaggy and Scooby are having much better success than us, though I doubt it."
   Then they heard screaming coming towards them. They were bumped from Shaggy and Scooby.
   "Metal mice behind us!" exclaimed Shaggy.
   "Metal mice?" Daphne didn't believe him.
   But then everyone saw the metal mice crawling towards them. They were being pushed towards to the far end. There was no way out! More mice came and came. Fred picked up a rock and threw it on five of the mice.
   "Pick up more rocks!" Fred ordered but that was easier said than done.
   As if they weren't in enough trouble, the lights were turned off. Totally darkness! And, what's worse, there were banging and clanging.
   "Our training is paying off," said a voice.
   "Shut up!" snapped another voice. "Your voice is what's ruining it up!"
   "Guys, less talk, more fighting!" shouted a third one.
   After a few more seconds, the lights came back on and the mice were all in pieces.
   Velma went to inspect the damage. "These mice were cut off by weapons. Ninja weapons, according by the cut."
   "Are you saying that some ninjas came in here?" asked Fred.
   "Yes, Freddie, I am," answered Velma.
   "Not to mention those freaky voices we heard," Shaggy pointed out.
   "Yeah, except they're gone and we can't ever find them," Daphne said.
   Then they heard a drain grid clanging. They found an open space leading outside, so out they ran and found the near drain grid. Fred and the girls smiled at each and turned to Shaggy and Scooby who were backing away. Velma got out a whole box of Scooby snacks and threw it down. Scooby and Shaggy ran down to catch it, followed by Fred and the girls.

Mystery Inc. hadn't been walking very long and not very far. They didn't find much either. All they could see was darkness, sewage water and rats, which screamed the life out of Daphne.
   "Boy, I'm like tired," sighed Shaggy, sitting down.
   "Re roo," agreed Scooby.
   "Guys, you've been putting on too much weight," Fred said. "You keep on like this, we’re never going to solve more mysteries."
   "Fred, I found something," Velma cried. The gang walked to her. "Take a look through this hole."
   Fred did so. "Wow! I see a giant blue-glowing room with TVs and sofas."
   "That like sounds the sort of life for us, isn't it, buddy?" Shaggy said to Scooby.
   "Reah!" agreed Scooby.
   Shaggy saw Fred and the girls around the hole. "Come on, buddy, let's take a peek through another hole." He and Scooby went a few paces forward and found not a hole but a button. "I wonder what happens when I press it." He got his answer when he did. The wall looked like it was rumbling.
   Shaggy and Scooby ran for it, but Fred and the girls move back just a little to see a door opening. It led to the room that they saw through the little hole.
   "Come on, guys, it's safe," Fred called to Shaggy and Scooby. The chickens stopped hiding behind the pipes and walked in the room with Fred and the girls.
   "Wow!" exclaimed Daphne. "For living in a sewer, this place is sure clean."
   "And so big it's as if it wasn't made by man," said Velma.
   "It wasn't," said a voice.
   Everyone stopped and looked around. "Who said that?" asked Shaggy, looking around. Then he saw a model green turtle wearing an orange ninja bandana.
   The mouth moved and out of it said, "Me."
   Mystery Inc. screamed and ran for the door, but it shut automatically and it closed tightly. They tried breaking the door down, but it was too strong.
   "Guys, where was the button you pushed to open this?" asked Velma.
   "On the other side!" said Shaggy sacredly.
   "Don, the door is jammed again," said a different voice.
   "Again?" exclaimed another voice.
   Mystery Inc. turned around to see the orange-bandana turtle was near them, along with three other turtles with a blue, purple and red bandana.
   "Come on, guys, we won't hurt you," the blue-bandana turtle said gently.
   "Is there any movie you'd like to see?" asked the orange-bandana turtle.
   "Are you lost?" asked the purple-bandana turtle. "I can help you get back on track with one of my machines."
   "Are you hungry?" asked the red-bandana turtle. That worked – with Scooby and Shaggy in particular.
   The gang sat down and Scooby and Shaggy were digging into about ten pizzas. When they were about to start on the tenth pizza, they were put off by it not because of how full they were but because a giant dark grey rat in brown monk robes came closer to them.
   "Man, you put us off our tea," moaned Shaggy.
   Daphne screamed and made to run away, but Fred and Velma stopped her. "If these turtles are nice, so must be this rat," Velma told her.
   "Okay," Daphne sighed, taking a deep breath and sitting back down.
   "Welcome to our home, Mystery Inc.," smiled the rat.
   "How do you know us?" asked Fred.
   "We see you all the time in the papers," replied the purple-bandana turtle.
   "Not in the papers that get wet in the sewer, tough," chuckled the orange-bandana turtle.
   "My name is Splinter," said the rat. "There are my sons, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael."
   "You're not people in – "
   "Why does everyone think we're wearing costumes?" snapped Leonardo, the blue-bandana turtle.
   Splinter told everything about them from the time with his master Yoshi to the current times.
   "So what brings you to New York?" asked Donatello, the purple-bandana turtle.
   "We were coming here for a vacation and then we got stuck onto another mystery," Fred said. "We were inside that destroyed building for clues, when we were greeted by some metal mice."
   "Stockman's mousers," Donatello said.
   "Baxter Stockman?" asked Velma. "I don't believe it! He was a great scientist."
   "Sorry, Velma," said Donatello. "But I met him and he's not all the news and TV make him out to be."
   "Wait a minute," said Daphne. "Was it you who saved us from the mousers?"
   "Maybe it was the ghost of darkness," Michelangelo, the orange-bandanaed turtle, chuckled.
   "Er, guys, do you have a bathroom here?" asked Shaggy.
   "I'll show you where it is, guys," smiled Raphael. "Follow me."

Raphael took Scooby and Shaggy out of the room and out into the sewer. Shaggy and Scooby thought it would only a few pipes away, but Raphael was leading them to nearly halfway of the city of New York. About a whole hour later, Raphael finally said, "Here we are!"
   Scooby and Shaggy did a "finally" sigh and they walked in the door. But they still weren't happy. "This doesn't look like a bathroom, Scoob," he said to Scooby. And he was right. They were in a laboratory, filled with green liquid jars and weapons and papers and all science stuff.
   "Well, what are you goofs waiting for?" asked Raphael.
   "This isn't a restroom," said Shaggy.
   "I wasn't taking to you," Raphael grinned evilly.
   Scooby and Shaggy look puzzled, but later understood what Raphael meant. They were each grabbed by two guys dressed in purple and carrying ninja weapons. They were taken to an examination table and were strapped in.
   "How can you do this, Raph?" asked Shaggy. "I thought we were friends."
   "That depends on which side you are on," said a voice. Out of the shadows appeared an African American man in a white suit.
   "Baxter Stockman?" Shaggy was surprised.
   "Tell me where the other turtles are or this will be the last place you will ever see," said Stockman.
   Shaggy began to tell him, but then he remembered the recent mysteries he and Scooby have been on. Fred and the girls had been criticizing them for their being-too-frightened business and giving in too easily.
   Scooby, though, began to speak, but Shaggy cut him off. "No, Scoob! We are like not cowards! We will not lead the monsters to our friends!"
   "Raph?" Stockman said to the green turtle.
   "Would do it for a box of Scooby snacks?" Raph asked, holding a box of Scooby snacks. "Or for another pizza? Or a whole free meal for a day? Or whole free meals for the rest of your lives?"
   It looked like Zeus hit Shaggy with a lightning bolt and it persuaded him to tell Stockman the answers, but then he had yet another thought. He remembered their friends complaining that he and Scooby will do anything for food, even if it includes jumping off a ten thousand feet mountain. Then he said, "Like, forget it! Do whatever you want to us, but we will not regret it!"
   "Ro," agreed Scooby, thinking the same.
   "As you wish," smiled Stockman, as he pressed a button. Out of the wall, a door opened and two more ninjas came in pushing a cart of two giant piles of clay. Large and big enough for Scooby and Shaggy to fit in.
   "Thank you for volunteering in my latest science experiment!" chuckled Stockman, as a laser aimed above the man and the dog. It flashed a green flash on them and then it moved to the clay. It fired and it began craving on the piles of clay. One looked like Scooby Doo and the other looked like Shaggy Rogers.
   Stockman pressed a button and out of Shaggy's clay grew the skin, the hair and clothes Shaggy had and they put fur on the other clay to look like Scooby. He even got the collar.
   "Now, Raphael, take these two back to the turtles' lair, lead the Foot and wipe them out!" ordered Stockman.
   "Donny was right, Scoob," said Shaggy. "Stockman is bad. How could you do this, Raph? Doing this to your own family?"
   "Well, I've had enough of them," Raph said coldly, as he walked out with the Foot. "If you had a family that gets on your nerves, you should do the same. Nice knowing you!" And he was gone.
   "Now we don't need you anymore, I got something for you to thank you for helping me," smiled Stockman.
   "Row!" exclaimed Scooby.
   "What is it?" asked Shaggy. 
   "This!" Stockman pointed to the laser. It fired not one red laser beam, but two laser beams at them and one were pointing to the feet of Shaggy, while the other was pointing at Scooby. "Hope you like roasted," chuckled Stockman.
   Scooby and Shaggy could see there was no way out of this!

To Be Continued...


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