Purpura is an assassin, in the Heartless Kingdom. The world is a strange place with various types of demons, and humans are an extreme minority. Survival of the fittest is key, in this unforgiving land. In Purpura's line of work being famous is a death sentence, but being unheard of means no contracts come in.


1. The Duke's Pendant

The young male, dark hair, and pale skin stared up at the sky. The stars littered the sky, keeping the night's darkness at bay. He was thinly built, and dressed in dark fabric stained with red. His clothing covered nearly all skin, leaving everything under his purple eyes exposed. His mouth was covered, and his outfit seemed to contain pieces of armor in specific locations. Places that didn't impede movement, and offered protection. He was laying there seemingly at peace, before there was a ruckus causing him to sit up. He had been laying on the roof of a castle. He moved to the edge of the roof, and leaned over the edge looking into the window. Everyone was running about, panic had set in. The male smiled, and suddenly kicked in the window. He pushed off the edge, and tackled the chandelier, causing it to fall to the ground. It shattered, and the room was suddenly pitch black. The before panicking crowd, now screamed. The male was hanging on the line from the chadelier, with one hand. He watched all the people run about, most trying to get out. Many were shouting, 'We're under attack' 'we're all gonna die' 'I don't want to die' 'help' The male smirked, the chaos was pleasant and the perfect distraction. He made two claw daggers appear, and quietly climbed across the ceiling of the room. He got to the door, before letting the daggers disappear. He dropped, and landed without a noise. He gently avoided someone bumping him, and moved thru a door. The room still had light, but he deftly jumped behind a cabinet before he was spotted. He pulled himself up over the cabinet so he could see the room without being spotted. The room lacked in panicking guests instead had a few guards, and an old man slumped over the desk. The guards were on edge. One kept rubbing his face. The male climbed back down, before grabbed part of the baseboard, and ripped a small piece off. He then chucked it, and it clunked the window. All guards turned to the window, the one rubbing his face slower to turn than the rest. The male smirked, and sprinted thru the curtains hanging in the room. Clearing the room was meant to give an air of elegance, and superiority. He then came to a door, and ducked down. A red liquid from his outfit forced into the lock, and sprang it, letting him in. He closed the door behind himself, and hoped his luck was good. He waited a moment, to ensure none of the guards had noticed him, before taking a deep breath of relief. The room he'd entered was empty, and dark. Two things he liked. He gently moved, his steps silent. He came to a small cabinet, and smirked before yanking it open. Inside was an old man, looked rather similar to the man who'd been slumped over the table. "Purpura?!" the old man shouted. The male quickly covered the old man's mouth, with his hand. He looked to the door, no noise. The male then looked to the man, and formed a small red liquid ball in his hand. The man stared at the ball, and tried to shake his head in protest. In one motion the male removed his hand from the man's mouth and shoved the ball in. To quick for any shout or protest on the old man's part. The male held his hand there, for just a moment, before standing removing his hand. The old man attempted to shout, even speak. But his throat was clogged. The male smirked, before he grabbed a beautiful and obviously pricey pendant and ripped it off the man. He then shoved the man back into the cabinet as the man obviously began to choke and suffocate. The male then moved to the door, and listened for noise. The guards were still in the room, some walking, others just standing. How to get out? Surely at least one guard was watching the door. There was no way to open the door, and not be spotted. There was nowhere else to hid in the small room. There was no window, the male looked about trying to figure out what to do. This was a covert op, he couldn't be seen. And to start killing guards would just cause problems. A thought occurred to the male, and he focused. He was able to see the blood flowing thru the guards, it took a lot of focus to keep track of six guards though. Just getting one to collapse would take all the guards' attention. He focused in on a guard near the window. He took a slow deep breath, before forcing the guard's blood to stop. The guard suddenly drop, he released the guard's blood no sense killing the man. The other guards quickly reacted. The couple who were looking at the door went over, and the male smirked, before quietly opening the door and slipping behind a curtain. The guard who'd collapsed began to stir, and the others looked confused. They went back to their spots. The male gently moved around the curtains in the room, watching the guards' gaze. He finally made it to the window, but one guard had his gaze fixed on the window. If he dropped the guard, others would look and their gaze would be on the window. If he dropped another, it would be extremely suspicious, put them all on even higher alert. He needed a distraction, and a good one. Suddenly they all turned to the door, even the male. The door burst in, and standing a woman in hysterics was crying and shouting in a foreign language. From the occasional words the male understood, the dead man slumped over the desk was her husband. He smirked, the guards were attempting to calm/quiet the woman. He quickly jumped crashing the window open, and then began to freefall. His dissent felt like it took forever, though he knew he was falling rather quickly. In glancing up, he saw a guard peering out the window, his dark clothes let him disappear before the guard spotted him. The male quickly created a red 'board'. He hit a curved roof, and the red liquid board, allowed him to not break bones, but instead a fast slide along the roof. The roof ended, and he disappeared the board, before suddenly crashing into a tree. He sighed, all tangled in the branches, before fidgeting a bit and falling out of the tree, hitting the ground. He stood up and dusted off. Job Accomplished.
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