What If? {A Divergent Fanfiction}

What if Tris didn't die? What if there wasn't a war? What if Tris and Tobias had a child? And what if Tobias "Cheated" on Tris? This story is all about what if's and stuff from the Divergent series. WARNING: Extremely terrible, first written on my private fictionpad account.


7. Chapter Seven

Tobias and I really haven't spoken since the night 6 months ago. The initiates have been chosen- first place belonging to Ellie - and now I have quit my job as initiation instructor. I just can't go to work anymore, having all this tension between Tobias and I. I just can't
Ellie and I have grown closer. It turns out that her real name is Aubrielle, but she changed it because it sounded too innocent. She did the same thing I did. We have a lot of things in common: getting first place, coming from a faction most wouldn't think would transfer to Dauntless, and being Divergent. Yep, she's Divergent. She got Amity, Candor and Erudite.
I've helped her through initiation, and now she's helping me with Clementine. She turned 3 a month ago, and she can speak in full sentences. Gosh she's smart.
And I am engaged. I met Ian a month after Tobias and I broke up, and we got along. He was funny, kind and most of all, faithful. He's been so sweet to Clem, and he proposed weeks ago. Let's just say this is another reason why I quit.
"Tris!" Ian calls through the apartment door. I turn and smile, and see that he has a letter in his hand.
"What's that?" I stand and walk to him.
"Four told me to give it to you. I told him I would, but it's your choice to read it." He throws it onto the counter. Another thing is that he's not the jealous type.
 "I will." I slit the envolope open and take out the plain white paper with typed text on it.
'Tris,' It reads. 'Don't get married. Sorry for telling you this late, and in a letter, but I can't just let you get married while I'm over here still in love with you. Meet me by the Chasm in an hour if you want. You don't have to.'
"Ian, I will be right back." I crumple up the paper and throw it onto the counter. I rush to the Chasm, knocking over people and bumping into walls.
"Tris," Tobias is leaning against the railing when I arrive. "Thanks for-"
He doesn't continue; my fist connects with his jaw.

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