This is Me

Me so read or you wont understand who or what i am


1. Basics

Name : Stephanie Victorea Yarrington (hate my last name hope to change it to my babys name)

Age : 14

Height : about 5'3"

Relationship States : Taken by my dinosaur

Populatity in real life : pretty much a loner thats why i wish to go to LA to be with my dinosaur

Eye color : a pretty blue (its the only thing i like about my body)

What anoys me : when people keep asking the same thing after I told them once and my exs THEY ANOYE THE HELL OUT OF ME

School : St Croix Central Middle School

Grade : 8th

State/ country : Wisconsin, United States

Likes : my dino, friends, my angle

Dislikes : the demon in me, the cutting earge, the thought to kill when my mom takes my life away

Facts : im a cutter yes, Im usually sad yes, I have hard times without my dinosaur YES, You see my dinosaur heals me and im glad of it. Dont hurt me please i have enough bullys in my life and online ones will kill me

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