Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


3. Luke you found my Diary!

I wake up early in the morning. I feel myself laying on a chest. I look up and I see Luke. I jump up and fall of the bed. I hear him laughing. I glance over at the clock. Its 5:00am. I get up and I punch him in his gut. He lets out a groan. 


"Hey Princess." 

"How did you get in here!"

"Well You have a window, and you have a tree. I've been told i'm a excellent climber." He smirks 

"Okay but why are you here?" 

"Well first off i wanted to see you." I begin to blush. I try to hide the fact i am. 

"Is that all?" I ask, before i can say anything else, he hold up my diary. 

"Luke you found my Diary!" I jump on the bed and hug him. after at least 3 seconds i pull away fast and stand up.

"Sorry." I say

"Don't be sorry Princess, I can tell that the book means a lot to you." 

"Your calling me Princess now?" 

"Yup" he gets up and starts walking around. 

"So are you leaving or?" I ask getting annoyed with his presence 

"Wanna have sex?" He asks all confident 

"Your a fucking idiot if you think im having sex with you." 

"I'm a hot idiot." 

"Keep telling yourself that." 

"You want me and you know it." 

"Your paranoid." 

"Whatever. Well, Im gonna leave now. Just think about the sex thing. Bye." He say before walking over to my window. 


He climbs out the window and leaves. 

He is such a jack ass. 

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