Willow is a daughter of Artemis. She's a great archer. Everyone should know her for this, right? But, no. She's just Ellie H. Zhang's step-sister, Fangirl supreme. But, it's not called fangirling if the so-called 'Fangirl' knows this person in real life!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Willow Arrives At Camp


I'd known about Ellie since I was old enough to understand what she'd be telling me on Christmas about monsters, gods, and her friends. By the time she was twelve, Ellie'd started talking about a boy she liked named Frank Zhang. I'd  been about ten at that point. She also showed me pictures of her friends when I was eleven. The blonde boy with blue eyes caught my eye. I mentioned him to Ellie, and she introduced him as Jason Grace. I've loved Jason since then. When I  became fourteen or so, Dad sat me down and told me about my mom. I was surprised. He only ever talked about Athena. He told me he'd met Artemis and fallen in love again. I, to this day, don't know what goddesses found so attractive in my dad, a balding man with a potbelly and no visible bones. Anyway, now I'm eighteen and going to camp for the first time. Last month, Ellie had announced to us all that she was no longer Ellie Sierrah Hayes, but Ellie Sierrah Zhang. I was happy for her, but I also learned that a daughter of Poseiden named Rhianna married Jason. That, meant war.


I sat in the strawberry fields, singing The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever' to myself, waiting for Willow to arrive. "How now, brown cow," I heard a familliar voice say. I turned to see a girl with blond hair, amber eyes, a loose ponytail, a flannel shirt, and jeans. "Willow!" I yelled, hugging her. 'How're things?" she asked. I rolled my eyes. "You mean Jason." She nodded, biting her lip. I laughed. "He's married, Wills,'' I chided her. "I knoooooooooooow,'' she moaned.



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