Tear In My Heart

Tyler likes Josh. Tyler has Valerie, is that not enough? Tyler could never tell his secret. What will he say/think/do? Will he share mutual feelings? Or will he leave Tyler stressed out, with a tear in his heart, and a heavy dirty soul?


1. C1: Stressed Out



(Tyler's POV)

I awoke from the strangest dream I've ever had. It was so- erotic. But it felt so right...


"I'm all yours tonight~" I say as I throw Josh onto the bed, I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I climb on top of him, and I kiss him lustfully. I lick his lip, begging for entrance. He declines, he was going to fight for dominance. 

'Feisty...' I thought, 'just the way I like them'. I take off his shirt, as he does to me not long after. I have to admit, his abs were sexy as hell. I grind my body against his. He succumbs to my movements.

"T-Tyler..." He moans. I kiss his chest, and make my way down. He gropes me along the way. I do the same to him, slowly moving my hands toward the button on his pants. I unbutton them, and all that's left are his boxers. I slowly pull them down, and a bright light hits my eyes.

~Dream End~

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I wake up, confused at what I saw in my dream. The blinding sun hits my tired eyes. I check my phone, I have a message from my girlfriend, Valerie.

'Hey babe, what time are we meeting for lunch? ❤️

'Hey, probably somewhere around 1, Josh and I need to record a song over at the studio'

'Kay, bye 😉'

I check the time, 10:45a.m. "Oh shit! I need to be at the studio by 11:30!" No time to make breakfast. I scramble to go back upstairs. I quickly take my clothes off, and hop in the shower.

I feel the hot water hit my back. I couldn't stop thinking about my dream. It just felt so real. It kept on repeating in my head. 

"T-Tyler..." I kind of liked the way he moaned. 

'GET THESE THOUGHTS OUT OF YOUR HEAD TYLER!' I think to myself. I look down to see a massive boner. 


I turn off the water, and dry myself off. 

'Valerie is the only person I love, right?' I think to myself. 

'I could never tell Josh I'm bisexual, he'd think I like him. Do I?' I quickly put on deodorant and put on random clothes. A black and white sleeveless hoodie, gray shorts, and white sneakers. I put on cologne, because Val loves the smell. I grab my phone, headphones, and keys. I run downstairs and I'm out the door.

As I'm driving in my car, I'm thinking about what kind of relationship I want with Josh. I mean, he's my best friend. I want him to keep being that to me. But, deep down I want to be more than friends. He's so cute. But I also love Val. I'm so confused! I could never fall for him, could I? Goddamnit, I'm so stressed out.


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