Diary Of A Normal Girl

Hey Its Zafira and this is my diary!actually its not but it would be fun to make up a diary


1. Start of year!!

This Diary Belongs to


if found please call

**** ****

thank you!!

1 January 2016

Dear diary,

So today is the first day of the year!I have a good feeling of this.New school supplies,new bag,new teachers,new friends and new boyfriend!!oh I know im at typical girl that wants attention from guys hehe.For once i can enjoy my freedom!My parents are at Germany for some weird work thingy:p but anyway my friends got to go to the Girls HighCrest which is so sad cuz i wont get to see them ugh.but im looking forward to it.ok diary i gotta do my nails now>~< see you in the evening after dinner•ok diary its 7 already.Btw i live in singapore fyi if youre wondering so its a little different than the Uk.Anyway im going to have my beauty nap now!! Goodnight diary😘

2 January 2016

Dear diary,

Its a beautiful morning.Not!I saw my cat,Blueberry,chewing on my expensive designer

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