Being married to Justin Bieber

Willa Cohen is a normal 14 year old until she gets married to Justin Bieber!!


1. Flashback

Willa's pov 

I woke up and noticed Justin wasn't next to me!! The flashbacks started 

~flashback ~

"Mom ,I'm only thirteen ,I don't wanna get married!!" I said to my mom "you have to" she said  "why?" I asked . "Because you didn't have a bat mitzvah,so we're marrying you off" my dad said "to whom am I getting married?" I asked "Justin Bieber" my mom replied !! 


~wedding flashback~ 

Willa's pov 

I am about to get married to Justin Bieber,I am so nervous ,especially because I'm fourteen!!! 

Justin's pov 

I can't wait to see Willa in her wedding dress,she's gonna look so pretty !!!! 

~wedding ~

no one's pov 

"Do you Willa Naomi Cohen take Justin Drew Bieber to be your lawfully wedded husband ?" The priest said "yes" Willa said "and do you,Justin Drew Bieber take Willa Naomi Cohen to be your wife ?" "Yep" Justin said "you may now kiss " the priest said ,so that's what they did !!

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