Pokemon Fanfic-The Dreamyard of Lies

Something I wrote around three years ago, when I was obsessed with Pokemon. Nowadays the obsession had decreased into an infrequent hobby but I think I managed to write a really interesting piece that focuses on what I perceive to be a poor part of the real plot. The explosion of the Dreamyard, for those of you who are aware, seemed to be quite a rushed idea. Musharna don't...blow up. I don't want to give too much away, but this isn't your 'Ash get's with Misty and then Brock' fanfiction. It is serious, funny and has a genuinely mature plot.


1. Chapter 1: Prologue

-Five years ago, the KRF (Kaginawa Research Facility) Underground Research Sector-

I was restless, anxious to see what had been done about the Paleozoic project. Motoyo Kaginawa, my successor, hadn't seemed too keen to share her findings with me before, I assumed it was because she felt as though I wouldn't understand it... or that she hadn't reached a point of which she felt able to share with me. Besides, it was never my duty to participate in the actual research, simply to deliver the components that founded it. I had enabled the Kaginawa Research facility HS to look into this project; however I had been completely in the dark about its progress, until now.

It was an achievement in itself that two people, me and Motoyo, had the capacity to work on this project in secret, without the aid of anything but our minds and abilities. I had infiltrated Team Plasma's most heavily monitored security base, recovered the blueprints and brought them back with nothing but cuts and scars, signatures to show my commitment to this research, along with the memories that will never fade. They are searching, but they cannot ask for help. Those blueprints, if recovered by the forces, would put a man away for a long time, or whoever was linked to their possession, simply due to the promise that research holds. That is unquestionable, that is why we do not trust in others, they would not see the research as we did, only as something too much of a risk to accept it's further progression.

Genesect would finally be free.

That was the goal, and I intended on seeing it fulfilled.

I walked down the corridor, swiftly and silently, mirroring the young woman in front of me, saying nothing for the silence seemed better maintained; to mask the heavy anticipation I was experiencing, to see the research for the first time in the year and a half since the plan was first drafted. Motoyo's lab coat flew in distorted angles from behind her, as she walked briskly around bends to the hidden room, flowing down the labyrinth of passages and tunnels. We came to a dead end. She gestured for me to stand back, and took out a pokéball. Her gaze returned to me, instantly I nodded. No one must know of what was about to be done. This was the only security we had to keep others in the dark. That and cheap bolts and chains.

The pokéball was swiftly thrust into the air, and out emerged Motoyo's Pokémon. A Zoroark. A master of the illusionary field, with the capability to copy any Pokémon form to an exact mirror-image. In normal form, it had a grey fox-like body, however was bipedal, thus stood upon its hind legs like a demon possessed, allowing a crimson mane to fall down its back, tied with a band at the bottom. Eyes like the ocean, and deep red claws that hung level with its hips. I watched it closely in unease. I knew how aggressive it could be if provoked, if threatened. It stared bluntly back at me. Almost mocking me, sensing my discomfort. I still refused to let my guard down. I only trusted in Motoyo, and my family, both the Pokémon and people I loved and worked for.

My little Touko, so young.

I hated lying to her like this, pretending I was the good guy when sometime s I couldn't even convince myself. Despite the good intentions, it was still theft. It was still fraud. It was still adultery. I should never have fallen prey to Motoyo on the night of the Darmanitan dance. One night every ten years… they came out to dance. Though they are, granted, not elegant Pokémon they dance in a tribal fashion that acts as a sentiment to their life encased in Zen form, and then breaking out of their shell; they see it as a dance of unity, and not a struggle. Something you practice and perform. It told a story. They traveled in groups, where unity was strong, and I respected their will to die for others in the pack. I'd die for my family, to.

Nevertheless beautiful in and out of context, but it was my biggest regret after coming home, hiding my convictions to my own family. To my eleven year old daughter. They had awaited my return for weeks, perceiving my absence as something of a professional importance when I was just spending time with Motoyo, celebrating the progress of her research, watching the Darmanitan dance across the desert. Sharing a happiness and affection for one another that was forbidden to share from a professional viewpoint.

It was a mistake, I thought It was right... but I was just overwhelmed with emotions as to the Darmanitan and the promise of the research I…was blinded. I imagine she has forgotten about it anyway, just as I was trying to.

My thought chain broke as Motoyo cleared her throat. Oh shit, I almost forgot that creepy Zoroark was watching me this whole time. Could it visualize my thoughts? I was behind on my studies for Pokémon like that, they confused me to much. All the mythology that surrounded them, the stories and perceptions that contradicted themselves... I could never be sure which were legitimate. Giving up was simple, It was never in the job description.

"Zoroark, break the illusion please." She commanded, her voice silvery, but dominant over the Pokémon. Instinctively it obeyed the order. I was eager to see what was to happen.

She turned her gaze to me.

"Zoroark are capable of creating illusions that are indistinguishable from reality, deluding many people simultaneously. If in human form, it is even capable of speech. Fascinating, really." She exclaimed, stepping aside for the Pokémon as it walked towards what appeared to be a solid barrier.

Carefully the Pokémon brought its claws up to the wall, immediately a pulsing red glow began to emit from its palms, flowing though a network visible within its body, outlining the wall and itself. Once the light had grown brighter, it swept its palms to either side of the wall, as if it were opening a pair of curtains, and the illusion shattered like glass to reveal a heavily bolted door some two feet away.

We stepped inside, and Zoroark's reflect allowed the illusion to reform once again.

"An illusionary Landscape, a powerful tool of confusion." Motoyo explained, as she unlocked the door. It had a steel plaque with the words 'HS CLASSIFIED RESEARCH LABORATORY' engraved upon its surface, barely legible in the light. She gestured for me to follow, before stepping over the metal threshold.
The laboratory itself was a mess of tables, cabinets and piles upon piles of documents, fastened with elastic bands. A large central desk stood dominant in the room, with blueprints hiding its surface like a blue tablecloth. Dirty plates lay thrown into a sink, stale crusts and crisp packets to, chucked in with nothing more than a second glance. Must be the cost of her passion. I pretended not to notice.

"Motoyo, I cannot wait to see how the research has expanded. This is your work on Genesect, correct?" I clarified, making sure she was showing me something I valued.

"Yes Isamu, I feel you have attained the right to work with me into developing my work. So far, I have managed to undertake research about the different drives. After receiving the imagery you obtained, I have managed to develop the hypothesis that the drive inserted in the cannon on Genesect's back can be modified to chance the capacity of its techno blast move." She informed me, collecting documents from upon the central cabinet.

"Astounding! What drive is this? Is it going to relieve the Pokémon of team Plasma's Genetic enhancements?" I asked, excitement bubbling up inside me, but I had always tried my best to shadow emotion. I felt the corners of my lips turned upward, but I stayed calm.

"Well, if you examine the imagery here that you successfully obtained from team plasma, you will notice that they have made many modifications to its appearance since its prehistoric form, inserting the cannon and drive you see here, upon its back, after keeping it in confinement at the Triad base . Overall, you have managed to obtain classified blueprints from Team plasma, after it escaped from the base, and as a result of that, I have modified their efforts to create four different drives at the expense of their research that they have now lost." She spoke dryly, a slight smirk playing at the corners of her lips. I overlooked it, it didn't seem like her to be so malicious.

"We believe our four drives can allow Genesect to manipulate fire, water, electricity and ice elements when using its signature move, but we just need to capture the wandering Genesect in order to test the drives, putting it in a stronger confinement after adhering to the mistakes of our...simply blind enemies. They had no idea of the breakthrough they had simply fractured. We have brought this research wide open, and if it were not for you, it would not be us claiming the fruits of another's labor."
When it was put in that context, the experiment seemed less of a triumph and more of a criminal act, but thinking about it...I didn't care anymore. The 'others' had darker intentions we simply relieved the Pokemon from. It was the right thing.

She smiled, placing her lips upon mine, just briefly despite my silent protest, before collecting more documents, branded with a 'classified' symbol. I tried to say something, but was cut off... looking down at the synopsis tied to the bound research. Wait...this wasn't the primary goal...

The synopsis sheet read:

'When it is not holding any Drive, the light is orange, and Techno Blast is Normal-type.

When it is holding the Burn Drive, the light turns red, and Techno Blast is Fire-type.

When it is holding the Douse Drive, the light turns blue, and Techno Blast is Water-type.

When it is holding the Shock Drive, the light turns yellow, and Techno Blast is Electric-type.

When it is holding the Chill Drive, the light turns white, and Techno Blast is Ice-type.'

This didn't make any sense. Freeing Genesect was simply reliant on removing the modified limbs and cannon, and not to make it even more powerful, that is a goal of someone power-hungry. Just like Team Plasma.

"But...Toyo," I began, using the nickname I had used to call her. Upon the mentioning of the nickname, she firmed up in embarrassment, also reminded of the Darmanitan Dance.

"If you do not mind me saying, wasn't the purpose of myself obtaining plasma's blueprints to allow Genesect to be free from their dissection and further modification? I thought you were using the documents to find away of returning the Pokémon to its former self, and as astounding as this research seems clearly to be, there is a consistent concern, wouldn't this be dangerous, and completely against what we are supposed to be trying to achieve?" I protested, reaching out to her. She stepped backward, and adjusted her glasses, flattening her lab coat gently. I also took a step back, reminded of my place below her. Working for her. But now she was starting to worry me, I prayed I was mistaken.

"I am grateful for your worry and I am sorry I have lied to you, but I assure you, if my hypothesis is proven correct, think of the breakthrough this will achieve! By using team plasma's modification-blueprints, we can find away of making the equipment more discreet, and enable all Pokémon to use moves of different types! There will no longer be a weakness in Pokémon!"

"You lied to me?" I asked, quietly, trying to mask my emotion.

She took another step back. Zoruark leapt up to sit on the lab table, and looked over the blueprints as if it understood. I shook my head, focusing upon Motoyo. I decided it best to refer to her professionally; since she made it clear our relationship gave me no convincing advantage.

"But Mrs. Kaginawa, they are creatures, simple beings like me and yourself! They are not computers for you to tinker and insert drives into! Genesect itself if the exception we are trying to resolve! A world where all Pokémon can use all moves, having no weakness...there would be no diversity! No differentiation between types, they would all be mere machines!"

Her smile faded into malice, as her expression firmed up in distaste. I stood erect, glancing down at the blueprints I had stolen for her. I contributed to this.

My perception was already altered of Motoyo now, in the space of ten minutes. Now, I was afraid of her. I was afraid for her. The research had corrupted her, and influenced the decisions she made. Now she wanted more.

"Agent Mizushima. I am shocked you do not share the same ideals as I, how you are blind as to the promise this research holds. Do you not approve of this, do you not support me? As a loyal friend...and lover? WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THIS WORLD."

I flinched at the reference to the affair, as if it were a knife pressed into my chest. I stood silent, unsure of what to do, trying to feign anger and distress. I had taken this to far, and after seeing what my work had led to...it suddenly dawned on me. The danger. The cost of the research. To both the public and Motoyo's sanity. Carefully I held my hand out to her, and stroked her cheek, but only as a comfort.

"I will try, but I feel you do not understand it, even yourself. You are blinded by the promise of your work. I...can't do this, we can't be together. I have a wife, and a child, both blissfully unaware of the sins I have committed, in falling prey to you, and responsibility as your agent." I babbled, feeling afraid and a deep regret for my betrayal, all of a sudden. Granted it was unfair to tell her this now. It had been once night, but I knew she thought of this as a partnership in more than one context.
I had never told her about my family before, after all the years. I had built up a wall around myself, hiding from my family, and now the bricks of deceit were only getting higher.


She pushed away from the embrace, falling back against the table. Her eyes were wide and manic, flickering like a candle, crazed and desperate. No sleep for six solid days.

A light flickered on, allowing me to see her in full definition. Mousy brown hair flicked up like a mane around her face, but it was greasy and matted, wrestled into a knot. Her skin was pale, her pupils dilated, eyelids flickering like a faulty television screen. Her lips were drained from color and she looked notably thinner in the light. Anger or fright, clearly recognizable on her face.

"I KNEW YOU DIDN'T LOVE ME, YOU THINK THIS IS A BAD THING. THIS IS GOOD, I WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN MECHANICAL SCIENCE UNOVA HAS EVER SEEN." She shouted, throwing piles of documents in my direction. The elastic broke and they fluttered like feathers falling to their death upon the steel floor.

"You really want to publicize the felonies of your achievement?" I exclaimed, shocked at her stupidity, brushing the sheets of paper aside with my boot.

"This is borderline class A fraud, yes you added bits yourself, but you have stolen other's research, and now are intent on experimenting on a regions most powerful Paleozoic Pokémon. Making enhancements on a living creature, I am intent on keeping my part in this a secret, surely you are to, If I die, that just adds to the crimes you have committed."

I looked back to see her slowly reach across for a double-barreled pistol, then pointing it in my direction.

No emotions visible on her features. Dark and crazed.

I didn't even flinch.

Though I felt the weight of my own revolver against my chest.


"Team Plasma will be trying to find this place. Look at me! Think!" I shouted, acquiring the same crazed stare.

"They will hunt you down, and kill us both for stealing their secret, illegal research that we claimed as our own. I thought we were doing this for a good cause, but you want to modify the Pokémon further!"

Her face softened. The gun lowered slightly.

"But the breakthrough. They can't find us... they won't. We will be fine, and we will continue our research in secret, people walking by just see this place as a laboratory testing berry supplements!" Only you and I know of this secret, we can do this, Isamu. Believe in me!" She begged, walking toward me, the gun still poised by her side.

I looked at her, firmly and in great sadness. She was to far gone, unaware of how ridiculous she sounded.

She had lied to him.

Genesect deserved to live.

She did not, her insanity was enough to confirm that, the safety and diversity of Unova's Pokémon, I had to value my priorities, and consider the long term impacts. It was to much of a risk to hope she came to her senses. She would blind to many with the optimism she held for the breakthrough. Others would follow, what would come of it? Team plasma would kill her, and many in the pursuit of what they had lost, in attempt to recover it. By ending it now, I would prevent a technological revolution, as well as the massacre that I knew Team Plasma were capable of. It had all come to this. One bullet, one chance. Nevertheless, she had her gun firmly poised within her fist, I had to be careful in ending her life.

"Okay." I heard my self utter, embracing her warmly.

"I'm sorry, I believe in you. Toyo." I whispered into her hair, trying not to cry for her.

She closed her eyes, shaking in insanity. Her pistol dropped to the floor. I to closed my eyes, and the trigger was released.


Genesect would finally be free.

That was the goal, and I intended on seeing it fulfilled.

That in itself pressed the trigger. Her body went limp against mine, and blood seeped into my white shirt.

"I'm sorry, but the thought of that frightens me. The secrets will die with you." I whispered to her as her soul slipped away from my embrace... into the stone floor of the laboratory that had corrupted it.

I held her for a few moments, before easing her onto the floor. Putting the revolver back down upon the table, I unlocked the door with the keys left poised in the lock, fastening my blazer to mask the blood.

The Zoroark never moved. As if it knew.

Carefully I took the staff key card from her jacket pocket, and gently wound the loose strands of hair around her ears. It was the right thing to do. Team plasma would kill her if she publicized her work. In a much less humane way. I shuddered to think of what they would have done. I draped a fire blanket across the body, closing my eyes to herald the silence and reflect the little respect I had left for her.

"I have to destroy the laboratory." I whispered to the Pokémon, who nodded silently, dissolving any attitudes of compassion it held towards Motoyo.

"Can you break this illusion?" I asked bluntly. Silently it complied. I went back up to the main room, leaving the Zoroark by the entrance. Using Motoyo's key card, I found three bags of berry fertilizer in the stock cupboard. Ammonium nitrate. I would have to find fuel. Taking Motoyo's car keys from the staff drawer, I ran to the car to put the fertilizer in the boot. Yet, in an extreme stroke of luck, I found a canister of petrol in the trunk of Motoyo's black sedan as I was about to heave the bags of fertilizer into it. I went back to the hidden chamber, greeted by nothing but Motoyo's lifeless body, encased in orange. The Zoroark had abandoned its post.

I found a large spherical jar in the 'flask cabinet', and used a syringe to extract the ammonium nitrate from the fertilizer. I tested it under a microscope. Crap, the fertilizer contained urea and sulfates.

It meant that the ammonium nitrate had lost its capacity to explode. I looked through the chemical flasks and found a small quantity left upon the top shelf, which I combined with the petrol in the correct ratio. I had learned a lot for playing Motoyo's pet terrorist, though I was ashamed to say so.

I wound a wire around the flask attached to an alarm clock I found next to Motoyo's sleeping bag. I had half an hour. This was going to destroy the entire research facility to a mass of debris. I took the blueprints from the desk, and slipped them into my pocket. I still intended to free Genesect, I would just have to find a different route. My family could never know. I had to save them from the danger I had put myself in. I had already betrayed them. So now I owed them the favor of keeping them safe.

That was the day I fled.

That was the day the dream yard was born.

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