When the world falls

When the date is confirmed, humanity does nothing to stop its seemingly imminent fate.


1. The end.

Cassidy cluched at her mother, she was fourteen, and usually no teenager would consider doing this in public, but today was an exception, it was the 16th September.


'Sorry, ladies,' the checkout man said, 'no more seats left on this one.'

Just then a guy in a suit came out from the tunnel leading to the orbital aircraft.

He looked her mother up and down, then his eyes slid to Cassidy.

'They're with me, let them through.'

'But Mom,' Cassidy pulled back on her mum's hand, signalling her distrust in the suited man.

Her mum gave he a warning look, one that she'd had many times before, just not in this situation.

'Of course.'

Her mum tugged Cassidy past the counter and into the suspended tunnel that led to the aircraft.


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