my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

and comment what you think of it if have read it xx


1. home coming

So today's the day. Today is the day that I'm moving to Sydney, Australia. In all honesty, I don't want to go, but I'm doing this for dad because I love him and I want him to be happy.he found his new girlfriend when he was on a " little vacation " to Australia and I sleep at Cameron's. dad says that I'm gonna like my dad's new girlfriend I actually don't know het name , whoops and it's strange but dad just keeps saying that I really gonna like her son and his friends but he don't want to tell why wats kinda mean and it makes me nervous and I don't know why. oh Sorry, let me introduce myself. My name's Skyler I have long straight light brown hair blue eyes and I'm not very tall my style is like black skinny jeans and nirvana shirts , you know the drill , and We live in California and yeah now you know me :) oh right my best friend is Cameron we meet at the kindergarten and go to the same schools in the following years he's amazing and half a year ago he told me he was gay I was so happy that he dared to tell me and his parents ! and his parents where good with it and they said that they always have says he is lol but I actually gonna miss the things like that the most..

dad was exclaiming "come down honey we have to go"

"coming , just let me brush my teeth before we left" I said

"okay but hurry"

and there we where at the airport I was a little nervous I don't know why , she would be nice I guess but her son , why would I like him and his friends so much I don't get it and even if I make my "doggy eyes " he don't even want to tell me nope not working

we where walking thro the customs and all that stuff

a half hour later we finally came on the plane and search our sites, I just put my earphones in my ears and put the 5sos playlist on and fall asleep..

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