The Tribe of Endless Flames

* " But I thought...." Silver couldn't finish.
" You thought what?" Blackstar stared at her.
" I thought I was going to join the clan," Silver whispered.
" Silver..." He touched muzzles with her," it is not the time to bring in a rogue..."
Silver backed away not believing what she was hearing. He had lied to her! How could he?!
" Please try to understand," Sadness crept into his voice.
" Oh, I understand," Her silver fur was standing on edge," you're a liar. You have betrayed me Blackstar."
" Silver!" His eyes were wide," you can't possibly think that!"
She turned and fled not saying another word.*


6. Chapter six

" Where am I?" Sparkkit has found herself in a winter wonder land.

" Hello Sparkit," A cat said behind her.

She turned around to see a fiery red tomb cat that reminded me of Firekit.

" Who are you?" She asked.

" My name is Firestar," He greeted her," I am here to give you something."

" What are you giving me?" She asked.

" A gift from Starclan," He gave her a lick on the forehead.

" So where is it?" She asked.

" That was it," He was talking about the licking.

" I wouldn't really considered that a gift, but thank you," She said.

" Look at that ice before you and see your reflection," He ordered her," the lick is your gift."

She did what she said to find a star symbol now on her forehead.

" What is this?" She asked.

" It's the mark of Starclan," He stated," they have claimed you."

" What is Starclan," She asked.

" A group of ancestor cats like the Tribe of Nature," He explained.

" Why are these ancestors claiming me?" She questioned," I'm suppose to be claimed by the Tribe of Nature."
" I cannot tell you, but Starclan has its reasons," He said.

" Ok then," She said.

' You must not tell anyone what you've heard or seen in this dream," He looked serious," do you understand me Sparkkit?"
" Yes Firestar," She nodded her head.

That's when he looked up causing her to do the same.

In the night sky was a billion of stars, but one glowed the most.

It started to get brighter and brighter hurting my eyes but not wanting to look away.

Then everything just went white.

Sparkkit woke up outside the nursery her pelt completely wet.

" How did I get out here?" She was talking to herself.

She walked back into the den and looked down into a water puddle that used to me ice before it melted.

On her forehead was a black star.

" So it's true," She said," I was claimed by Starclan.... why me?"

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