The Movellas Gift Exchange 2015

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24. Asteria Grace Wordsmith

**Side Note** Em you should know that when I found out that I was to give a gift to you I had a coughing fit and almost died. :) Moving on...

I thought about writing a short story on how a half dead boy met a crazy twisted girl, or writing a song that depicted just how imaginative and creative this girl could be. Then I thought, maybe I should write her a poem and make her uncomfortable by complementing her in the weirdest ways... but as my creative process of elimination came to an end, I decided it'd be best if I just wrote her a letter showing her just how special she really is.

So here it goes...

Dear Emily,

I'll try to make this short and sweet, not because there is little to say about you or because I don't know what to say. It's more so that you don't "barf" at my words, on account of them being sweet and all.

I'll start off by saying that it is indeed a pleasure to be your friend and I am so happy that I met you. To be honest, when I met you I had no idea what to make of you. You were quirky to say the least, always ranting on about hybrid animals invading a foreign country and how we needed to save the world from rhinophants and such. I knew we'd be good friends from the moment you first insulted me, and as strange as that sounds, it made sense to me. I guess I could say that you were the cool funny sister that I wish I could replace one of mine with.

Over the last year a lot has happened, apart from all the drama on my side of the story, we did many great things! Like start a tribe of talented Wordsmiths, we started a story together with Lexi (this letter could not go written without one mention of Lexi, she is the glue that kept us from fighting all the time), we played games about lies, we entered contests, we gave advice, we even made some cool covers! WE BECAME AMBASSADORS TOGETHER.

All in all we've had a marvelous year.

What I will say is that YOU, my dear friend, are simply brilliant. You are nothing but kind and gentle and slightly mad. You are an amazing writer, a fantastic friend and a beautiful soul. It has been an honor to make your acquaintance this year and I hope we be friends for many many more to come.

Love you Em, you're amazing :)

~ J. S.


Your Secret Santa,

Jack Wordsmith

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