Book 1: Drowned

I died that day. Well I should have died. But I'm alive. Something happened on that day that I don't remember. My friends and family keep pestering me to tell them what happened, but in real truth, I really don't know what. I don't know what to say to them. Not anymore anyways.


1. Chapter one

Chapter one

I waited in the
hospital room
with mom. 
Alexei and Lucy
were outside,
talking quietly 
to each
other and not having to 
worry that they were 
the ones who were 
to be questioned. 


Mom, a few second
at a time, kept looking
in my way and than quickly
looking away.
I know what she must think.

Her only son, youngest son
and blood related,
has come back from the 
depths of nowhere
to her and with no 
memory whatsoever 
of what happened.
She mist think I'm 
nuts, not to remember 
such a horrible 
event that happened.
But to tell in all truth. 
I don't remember 
anything that happened 
on that day.


I don't say anything 
about the whole thing.

Knowing how she felt and
how worried she was. 
I don't want to cause anymore
trouble than I already have for
her and the rest of the family.

The door to the hospital room
opens up and in came a beautiful 
blonde with huge
blue eyes, peach white skin, 
and a big chest. The woman 
was dressed up in a nurses outfit.


"Hello there." the woman smiled
at us and sat down in a chair and faced us.
Mom got up the second the woman had
sated down. her eyes were full of
fury and worry. "My son-"
began but was cut off.
"Yes, your son seems to have no
memory of the accident,." the woman
Mom nods and takes a quick
glance at me. "Must there be
someway to get them back?" she asked.

The woman looked at mom, than at me.
"Does your son want the memories
back?" the woman asked.

"Of course he does!" mom bellowed.
I blinked. I wasn't so sure about

that. Part of me wanted to have
my memories back, but than part of me didn't.


"Okay than. We don't really treat people with 
memory loss, but we can give you this advise.
Keep him with people who are familiar to him
in many ways. Before the sea accident
course." the woman smiled.
Mom brightened. She turned back 

to me and looked at me so intensely 
felt like I was being burned. She 
turned back to the nurse woman. 
"Thank you." she bowed her head.
The nurse woman smiled. 
Mom and I came out of the hospital room 
just a few minutes later. Alexei and Lucy 
stood up immediately when we did. 
They looked happy.
"Did everything go alright?" Lucy asked.
Mom just nodded. 
"Of course." I smiled. 
"Everything's going to be alright."
Lucy and Alexei smiled 
widely. "That's great! Does that mean 
you know who Kazu-chan is?" 
the two asked in unison.
I blinked, confused. who was 
Kazu-chan? Was this person 
someone who I should know.
Mom coughed as if to clear 
her throat. "Come on girls, 
and boy. Lets go home." 
"Okay." Lucy and Alexei said.

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