The Origin of the Gods

After the battle of the Giants, Percy and the Seven lead normal lives, well, as normal as a demigod life can be. On Olympus, the gods are being weakened by a new strange force. Never before seen monsters start appearing all across the world. It's time for a new hero to rise. Without the help of a prophecy or the gods. Carly Rembrandt embarks on a seemingly impossible mission with the help of familiar faces and unlikely allies.


6. Camp Half-Blood Under Attack

Carly opened her eyes and for a moment she thought she was blind. No, she thought, it's just really dark. Next to her she felt a presence holding her hand. She tried to pull away but they held on firmly. She stopped struggling when a loud voice broke through the darkness. "Who are you and why have you come here!" Carly felt the hand release her. "Wait, she shouted but all she got was her echo. "You are either brave or stupid to come down here!" the voice said. Carly turned and tried to get away from the voice but it seemed to surround her. Suddenly her dream changed and she was standing on a mountain. Down below was a valley, there was a group of people on the right and a black figure on the left. The group on the right were dressed in armour and had their weapons drawn.Then from out of no where, a blanket of darkness covered the left side, like a shadow of something huge. Carly looked closer and realized it wasn't just one shadow but an entire army. They charged. Carly watched as the group was greatly outnumbered. She looked over at the left side and saw the black figure ordering his army to attack. The figure looked toward her, it had glowing red eyes and nothing else. Carly could feel fear building up in her though she didn't know where it was coming from. She turned to run but the figure appeared in front of her. Carly looked directly into the red eyes and it literally had no face. Much too fast for Carly to react, the figure reached out and stuck it's hand inside her chest. She could feel her life draining from her, she was too weak to fight back. Then she blacked out.

"Rise and shine...sis", Malcolm was standing next to her bed. The other Athena kids were already up and doing their morning routine. Carly looked at the clock on the wall, 5 a.m. She wanted to crawl back into bed, morning wasn't her thing. That was part of the reason, the other was that her mother, who is a goddess, basically told her that there is a dangerous being out there and that Carly is a probable target. 

"Wake up, Carly", another Athena kid yelled from across the room. Carly flung a pillow at him. She had to borrow one of her half-sister's outfits since she didn't have time to pack a suitcase. It was an old orange shirt that had Camp Half-Blood written on it. The sun was beginning to break when they all headed to the pavilion for breakfast. Everyone was still talking about what Carly had done the night before. She looked over at the playing field and Mark was still frozen in time there. Carly grabbed her breakfast, which she probably wouldn't eat anyway, sacrificed some to the gods and sat at the Athena table. She could feel eyes on her and chatter but she was too focused on returning Mark. There was a growing commotion that broke her concentration. Campers started to get up from their tables and crowded at the pavilion's south entrance. Carly got up and tried to see what was going on. She overheard some of the campers saying, "They're here! I can't believe it, they're actually here!" Carly stood were she was and observed the scene. Chiron made his way through the crowd, "Okay, everyone back to their tables!", he shouted. The campers dissipated and Carly could finally see who it was everyone was excited for, two people, a boy and a girl. The boy was tall and well toned, he looked about 20. He also had black hair and green eyes. The girl seemed to be the same age with blonde hair and gray eyes. There was something familiar about her.

"Carly", Chiron called to her.

She made her way toward the two strangers. Everyone was whispering again. When she got there she stared at the blonde girl and said, "You must be my half-sister?"

The girl smiled, "My name is Annabeth, this lunkhead is Percy". Percy smiled at her too.

"Come", Chiron said, "let's talk somewhere private".

"Percy! Annabeth!" Leo came running from the nearby forest.

"Leo!" Percy met him halfway. "It's so good to see you again".

"Hey, Leo" Annabeth walked to them. She gave Leo a hug. 

"How's everyone else?" Leo asked

"They're doing fine", Percy responded. 

"You know, you can still come with us..."

"Thanks Annabeth, but I feel more comfortable here at Camp Half-Blood". Leo looked over at Carly, "Carly, what's going on?"

"Well I find out who my godly parent was", Carly said shyly as she looked at Annabeth.

"Really? Who was it?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes, "Isn't it obvious?"

Leo stared at Carly for a moment then looked at Annabeth, "Oh! Why didn't I see this before. There are like two of you, except one is nicer than the other", Leo chuckled as he nodded over at me.

Annabeth punched him in the shoulder. "Ow", Leo said. Percy held up his hands, "I think you're nice", he said desperately.

They said see you later and continued on to the Big House. Chiron was waiting for them at the door along with two more people Carly didn't know. Percy and Annabeth ran and hugged the new people. 

"Carly", Percy said, "meet Nico Di Angelo and Jason Grace". 

"Come inside", Chiron motioned to all of them. "We have much to discuss".

The others were talking about events and memories like some sort of reunion while Carly kept quiet and observed everyone.

"I'm sure you are all wondering why you have been called here", Chiron began. "What I am about to tell you and what you are about to see, you can't let anyone know". He opened the door to his bedroom. They all poured in and all gasped. Annabeth ran to the bedside, "Mom! What happened?"

"Annabeth, my girl, how have you been?" She sounded weaker than last night.

"Chiron what's going on?" Percy asked.

Athena looked at the group and tried to smile. "There is something terribly wrong. The gods of Olympus are being weakened".

Annabeth shook her head, "That's impossible, how can that be?"

"I don't know", Athena said frustratingly, "Whatever it was made all of us flee. No one else must know. I have called for the strongest demigods, the children of the Big Three, together to find a solution".

Nico, Jason, and Percy looked at each other. "So why am I here?" Annabeth asked.

"Because of her", Athena pointed at Carly. "She is different than the other demigods, more powerful in a way. I need you to protect her, she has a special abilities that will help you track down the thing responsible".

Everyone in the room turned their attention to Carly who hadn't said anything yet. She was feeling weak kneed and tried hard not to faint or freak out. Just yesterday she was a normal girl going to school, in a matter of hours she meets her mom and is being told that she may have the key to save a number of lives...It was just too much.

"Look, yesterday was fun, but I can't just go after a person like this", Carly began to argue. "I don't even know what my abilities are, or if I can even control them".

"That's why Annabeth is here", Athena reassured. She looked away, Carly could tell that the others have rarely seen a goddess in this way, especially Athena of all. "We're helpless and we need you".

Carly nodded. Annabeth was about to say something when there was shout coming from outside. Jason ran to a window to check it out. There was campers running around some were rushing towards Half-Blood Hill, others were heading toward the armory. 

"Something is wrong", he said. He rushed out of the room followed by Percy, Nico and Annabeth. Athena's face turned to one of fear. "It's here".

Carly rushed out to meet the others. Some had their weapons drawn and were all staring at the hill, waiting. Carly heard one of the Apollo kids shouting, they broke through. After a long minute there was a loud but low growl coming from the other side of the hill. Following the sound was one of the craziest things Carly had ever seen, wait, she thought, this could probably tie with that chimera. A large bull walking on it's hind legs emerged from the hill.

"Minotaur", Percy mumbled.

He pulled out a pen and clicked it, it turned into a full size sword. Carly blinked in fascination. He was about to charge the bull when the ground began to shake. 

"They were waiting", Annabeth said. "It's a full attack!"

As if on cue monsters broke out from all sides. In a matter of seconds camp Half-Blood was a war zone.

"There's too many", Jason shouted to Percy. Percy nodded, "We have to retreat". He motioned to Annabeth and she took Carly by the arm and ran back into the Big House. They made their way to Athena but when they got to the door it busted open and a monster disintegrated there in the hallway. Annabeth gasped and ran into the room. Athena stood there, barely keeping herself up with her spear.

"Monsters won't keep me down", she said.

Carly and Annabeth went over and helped her. "We're evactua..."

"Athena!" a chilling voice ran from the end of the hallway. "Monsters couldn't kill you, want to try your luck with me"?

"Girls", Athena's confident voice turned into a tremble. "Run, I'll hold him off".

"Wait you can't", Carly argued. "I'm not going to leave you, I just found you".

Athena turned to them both, "You are both very strong, but the world needs you". A tear fell from her eye, "We'll see each other again some day".

Then she pooffed both of them outside of the Big House. Carly shouted and tried to run back but Annabeth caught her. "Mom was right", she said. "We have to go". 

The camp was nearly overrun with monsters and there were only a few campers left. Carly fought back tears and turned away from the Big House. They started running toward the woods when she felt a sharp pain in her back. Carly screamed with pain, next thing she knew, she was flying above Annabeth.

"Annabeth!" She yelled helplessly. Annabeth tried to swat down the creature that had picked up her sister.

"Griffins", she muttered. Before she could think of something one picked her up from behind and carried her away. Annabeth struggled to break free. She pulled out her knife and thrusted upward into the griffin's chest. It screeched with pain and let her go. The wounded monster fell from the sky, Annabeth held on for dear life. When she was a safe distance from the ground she jumped and did a tuck and roll. She looked up and saw Carly struggling to break free from the griffin's claws. The griffin was flying toward the cliff. It was a tall vertical face that jutted out of the ground, below was a valley where the river ran from. On foot Annabeth struggled to keep up.

Carly began punching the griffin to see if it would let go, but the griffin just held on tighter. Suddenly there was a faint whizzing sound followed by a loud screech from the monster. Carly looked up and saw that an arrow found it's place on the griffin's chest. It monster wasn't slowing down though. Carly thought, perhaps the arrow didn't reach it's heart. With all the might she could muster she reached up and pushed the arrow further. This time the griffin let go and began to disintegrate in mid air. In a matter of seconds, Carly was free falling nearly two hundred feet from the ground. She closed her eyes thinking, this is the end. Then she felt herself change direction. She opened her eyes and saw Jason holding her. She turned her head and saw the ground far below her and gasped.

"You can fly?", she asked.

Jason smiled and winked at her. He took her over to the top of the cliff. Annabeth, Percy, and Leo were already there.

"You okay?" Percy asked.

Carly was about to nod when she felt dizzy.

"She lost quite a lot of blood", Jason said looking at her back. "Where is..."

"Right here", a girl's voice cut him off. "Hurry bring her inside. We have to lay low until Nico returns".

"Who are you?" Carly asked beginning to feel weaker.

"My name is Rachel, I'm the Oracle".

Carly began to fade more rapidly. She looked back at Annabeth and Percy looking down at the camp. There was tears on Annabeth's face as Percy held her close.

"We'll find who is responsible for this and stop them", he promised.

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