The Unexpected YOU

Time won't be wrong for love to come along.


1. You

I hear the ticking of the wall clock, silence in every corner of my room. I faced the wall and heard my own shallow voice saying these days would be a time to figure and think aloud.

Morning and its 9:00, I sat down on my chair with my hand on my head leaning. I guess nothing comes right if I will just sit down the whole day without letting my skin be touch and dried by the sun.

I hurriedly get out of my room and went downstairs going directly in our garden and did some stretching. I feel the scorching sun and it was too warm for a Vitamin D perhaps.


“Oh! Micaela! What’s up?” a friend of mine dressed in jogging pants and shirt and was sweaty with an empty bottled water on her right hand.


“Oh! It’s you Lira! I’m fine and by the way you jogged alone?” I said and smiled at her.


“No, Nick’s with me and he just dropped by to his aunt’s house. Will you come sometime with us?” she asks and waited for my response.


“Oh! Sure! Maybe on Saturday?  That would be fine!” I answered.


“Ok!!!” she ended then walked away.


I then went inside and took my coffee and seated at the front porch in a semi-rusted faded painted steel chair. I checked my phone and it was about 9:30 and received a message from Drew.

“Hi Micaela!” I silently read. I wasn’t expecting him to text me like that because all his messages were about the organization matters, quotes, jokes and nothing special. Drew was the Music Club president and a vocalist guitarist of the one of the famous band in our university. He was too talented and he’s out of my reach. Every girl wants him and every boy wants to be like him.

I was a member of the club and never ever happen to just talk to him, say hi, and go for a short conversation. His distance was too far and there can’t be any chances that he will even look at me and recognize me. Maybe hoping for those times he will even remember just a little.


I kept on reading his text and just smiled plainly. It questioned my mind and I replied him.

I positioned my phone on the table beside me and waited for his reply.


I do not know why I keep on smiling. I’m out of the tune and no one cares if it’s going to ruin anybody’s day. Minutes passed, I noticed that there was no response from him. There, the moment turned such a hopeless thing. Until I decided to stop waiting and just went inside to put on my music. I sang out loud and I don’t care if the neighbor’s gonna freak out.


I was so bored, nothing I can do. I paced the hall, played guitar, ate bread and butter; craved snack, done with the chores, watched and just now lying on the couch with my head held high and my feet on top of the table. I just closed my eyes and hope nothing will disturb me.


But speaking, my sister just came in and there she goes with her loudness of her voice speaking insensible things. She’s just stay what she really is.


“What noise?” I wouldn’t mind to bother. I looked at her badly.

“Oh! Sorry.” Just like that and went straight to her room with her shoulders brushed. I do not hold grudges from her and that I’ll take it not too serious. We’re sisters and that’s what sisters do.


Again just stare at the ceiling. My phone rang and I stood up swiftly to check it on.


“Please attend our meeting tomorrow at the conference hall

We will discuss important mat………………………………….” It was from Drew and there it was again.


I slapped my face once to shake my demented mind. Nothing would stop my mind from daydreaming obsessively.


Morning, I left home earlier and went immediately at the conference hall. There’s no one else but me so I sat at the swivel chair in front and waited. I always glance at my wrist watch and after awhile others came in. I transferred at the backside of the room and settled myself. With this wide suffocating room, I assume count it as a barrier between us. I assume can’t even clearly hear what will the speakers intention to gather us all.

“Hey!” Caleb said and sat beside me. This man appeared to be energetic today. I guess he’s daily fortune caught him. He is smiling as wide as if he won in a lottery.

“Hi” I greeted and smiled formally.


Thirty minutes, everything was settled and the whole room was occupied. There were lots of us now and the officers of the club were all in front but I could not see the president. Suddenly, someone walked from the door and smiles as he goes. All eyes on him.


“I am sorry for being late. Let’s start promptly”. He initially stated walking to the front and silence was too loud inside me.


For the whole hour, I guess nothing came in my mind about the meeting. It’s just that unreasonable state. Just like an ordinary day, everything was as usual. The meeting adjourned and Caleb went ahead catching for his class. I stood up and grab my back pack and walk going out of the room. I stopped when someone called my name so I turned my head whoever it was.


“I’m sorry! Me?” I said softly and doubted side. That was Freiz, my former classmate in English class. I just remembered his face and his name. I do not know him well for he never talked to me, never ever did.


“Mr. Cruz wants to see you.” He said abruptly with his face too serious like. I followed him to the Music room and as we enter, I greeted Mr. Cruz and he then immediately told me what he wants. I was requested to join the sing offs Friday night. Play for the battle of the band. I never join any contests and performances in the school so I wondered why they decided to let me join. Maybe in classrooms only.  But never mind, all I need to do is to prepare for it. I had experienced singing on stage with a band when I was in high school so I don’t need to worry about it. Then, I will just wait who will be my band mates.


I went out of the room and I saw Freiz just looked at me and went off his way. I don’t know why he was all the way like that. He can’t even smile…maybe it was naturally ingrained on his bloodline. Nothing matched as I can see what the others tell about him. My colleagues admire him as he was a saint and they merely talk about him. He’s tall and handsome; his hairstyle fits him right but should go with his manner.


I decided to go home perhaps or just look for something to rid my boredom. Supposedly I do not have classes today but because of this meeting, I cut out my laziness and chose to appear.


On my way, I bumped to an old lady with her things scattered so I picked it all up and gave my apology. She just smiled. My clumsiness caused terrible things to my surroundings. Am I down on earth cause my head were above the clouds. I just walk straight and to the nearest shopping mall and spent hours from there.


Sun soon will set so I went to the green view park just near the mall. It was such a nice feeling, feeling the cold breeze of the sea, tiny lights flashed on my face and watching people doing anything for enjoyment. I sat down on a bench underneath a palm tree and looked beyond the sea borders.


It was been a good time until it was all dark and was just brightened by the streetlights. I faced up but sadly, stars refused to shine tonight. Well then just looked at people who passes me by and I gave my attention to a man wearing a black shirt and pants and seem having a conversation to a phone call. I recognized then it was Freiz. Sometimes I cannot avoid taking glimpse at him and it feels like I was curious with this guy. As I see, he’s full of mysteries that anyone would like to uncover, like a man living in a world of secrecy.


I looked at him once again but I was overwhelmed when he turned his head and looked at my direction. I swiftly avoided his eyes and I looked far away. I got my phone and pretended that I had a phone call. I left the place and walked distantly.


Now, my feet brought me here, in a giant well with small fountains surrounding it in the middle of the park. It was a little bit noisy, the voices of the people and the splashes of the water coming out. Its view combined with the people and the music in the air put me pleased. This was a busy place; a cheerful one.

I looked at the coins scattered on the water and wondered if I will throw one, will my wish come true? I smile out of skeptical thinking. Never had I believed in these things but I greatly believe in God that he will grant it. I will just wait for the right time and I know there will always be.


Alone, awake and imagine a thousand miles before taking the view. I’m in a middle of speculation: “wonder if that guy is with me right now and confesses I will gladly accept him” I spoke literally in a clear low voice. I assure no one would hear it. I smiled recklessly when someone tapped my shoulder so I immediately looked at my back.

“Freiz! I said in astonishment. “Oh..mmm! I uttered when he spoke.


“You’re checking on me? You look more than a spy Ms. Biel?” a ridiculous question from him. He said in a sarcastic voice. He’s not serious right? He noticed my actions lately and he got the wrong impression.


“Wait what! No! Why will I do that? I defended. I glared at him. Maybe he thought I was following him when our eyes met previously; shouldn’t think me as a stalker huh!


“No kidding! Ms. Micaela Biel right? Tomorrow at exactly 1:00 meet me at the school old theater.” He stated. Again I was dumbfounded trying to think what was it.

I saw him walked away and then stopped. He looked at me and goes back and inches between me and him, he stares at me so I never held my breath.


“Try to toss your coin to that well, helps you find your Mr. Right thing” he whispered so I was totally crashed. I was thrown in a trash. He’s totally a mess and have ears sharpened. I felt the humiliation. He was gone and I came to the point that my innards were screaming too loud and I feel I might cause explosion because of him. My impression to him worsened never to be better; he’s rude and stupid. I’m losing my sanity right now.


My phone rang so I nabbed it on my pocket. Thanks to the disturbance. I might have cursed him.  But wait for it was a new number so I suspected it was him…again? It was 10 messages but was all blank. I dialed the number out of my raging soul and was picked up immediately. I tried not to talk just to hear him first but silenced was all between us. I gave up and hang up. I should buy a witch’s cauldron and see if it works.


I pace forthwith and now seemed to be a rainy night. Suddenly, water from the sky poured in causing the place to stop for a while. I ran to the shed and maybe I’ll just wait for the rain to stop before I go home. I forgot to bring my umbrella so here I am, stuck in the moment. I guess I was to blame; the rain can’t be my contrary.


I entered my room blankly with my mind floating in the atmosphere. I drop my body in my bed and shut my eyes and maybe I will fall in a deep sleep tonight.


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