Black dawn

Break of dawn, hearing the children scream with joy, laughing.
For all I have been through, their laughter is beyond music to my ears...


1. Black dawn (no name for this chapter yet! Try to give me some ideas)

 "Foxy, no!" I screeched. The night guard fell to the ground, dead. Blood dripping from his lips. Tears filled my pitch black eyes. Another night guard, killed. Foxy turned around, his eyes flickering black. He fell to the cold ground."Foxy!" I said as I dashed towards him. He was passed out. I carried him to pirite's cove, I laid his head on my lap, petting his soft head. He slowly opened his eyes. "W-what happend?" He asked,dazed. I started to tear up. "Oh,foxy, you killed another night guard." I sobbed. He stared blankly."j-just get some rest" i managed to stammer. I stood up, and walked down the hall, to my bright colored box...if anything, it always cheered me up... But not this time. I laid down in my box, and cried, until I fell asleep.

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