2. chapter 2

I froze to coaches question. "Uh, yeah sure coach." I said in shock. "Great!" He said handing me the boys scedual. I scanned the worksheet. Mondays, wendsdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, not too bad. At 3:55 and on saturday, 10:00. I laughed, "coach, girls don't get all this practice, how do you expect them to learn more?!" He turned and looked at me. "Uh, I imagine that they have..... M-more girl things to do unlike guys." He excused himself. "Okay....." I said while I raised my eyebrow.


I walked into school wearing a gray and pink striped sweater, high wasted black ripped shorts, and pink flats. "Hey." I heard a voice behind me. I turned around. I saw a boy with blonde hair and a lip ring. "Your on the boys basketball team now, right?" He asked. "Yeah, what's the deal?" I said clutching my fist. "I'm the team captin, and I just want to lay down some team rules." He said holding my wrist. I nodded. "Don't make a shot when you get passed to, hand the ball to me, don't talk to me, and don't try to get point guard." He listed. "Oh no!" I slapped him. He walked away rolling his eyes.

We had a basketball meet after school. "Hi kids." My coach said patting my back. "Let's go on with the meeting."

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