Carry On

Zoe gets sent on tour recollect herself and to change a group of boys. Or will they change her?

let the good times roll.


3. ~Chapter 2 cont.~

- [ ] One of his eyes was slightly purple, black around some parts. "Who are you?" He asked, spitting into the bucket next to him. I looked down and saw it was full of a yellow bile. I gagged, but tried to look like I wasn't. "I have some Advil." He looked up at me with huge, glassy gray eyes. They were different from the photos. They used to be a baby blue, now to be only a light, watery gray. "Can I have some?" He whispered as I handed him the bottle. "Oh, sorry yeah." I handed him the bottle and watched his actions. He looked a little scared by my eyes glaring at him, but he swallowed the pills and took a sip from the water that he already had tucked in the crevice of his bed. "So, you have to get up now." I looked so awkward, as he just looked horribly tired. "Okay." He got out of the small bunk, and faded into the back. "Wake them all up, check." I murmured to myself, walking into the kitchen. It seemed we had stopped at some store, because Mark was missing. The shades were closed, and looked to complicated to open. There was a small slip of paper next to the sink. "Make the boys breakfast sandwiches. Use toast, bacon, lettuce and tomato." Isn't that just called a blt? I shrugged and turned on the small griddle and placed the bacon on the small stove. While it was cooking, I decided to try and open the windows to look where we were. I pulled on the little string and it popped down, and I found out I broke it. Great going, Zoe. Outside the window was a bunch of girls the age maybe 12-16, screaming and taking pictures of me. I screamed along, having no clue what the hell was going on. Paparazzi was surrounding us, and they had cameras. I just kept trying the hang it back up, the smell of the burning bacon filling the room. I heard a flame catch and turned around. The griddle was on fire. The people outside were watching like this was a sitcom, and laughing at everything I did. I finally hung the shade up and ran back to the small stove. The fire had most have been a passing fad as I saw there was only crisps left on the small pan. I just scrapped them off and dug through the fridge for the lettuce and tomato. I finally found them, but as the toast was probably burning, Mark came slamming in. Screams filled behind him, and he looked mad. "Zoe! Are those god damn sandwiches done? Turns out the guys have an interview today!" My mouth dropped. "What do you mean by "turns out?" He rolled his eyes. "What do you think I mean you dumb bitch! Make the food!" He was like a snake. The boys must have heard the yelling, as they came running out of the back. I handed them the sandwiches and they rushed out the door. "Bye, Zoe!" One of them yelled, before being cut of by the door. I slouched in a chair and thought about how I had to do this everyday for three months. The last thing I heard before fading asleep was "my bacon is burnt." 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸

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