The Taste of Your Lips is So Divine

With these, our lips, we intertwine.
From one touch we are bound.
The taste of you lips is so divine.
I dare not utter a sound.
(A Series of Snapchat Drabbles Based off of Min Yoongi and his lovely lips)


1. Working Late Again

She sighed and set down her phone. She sunk down deeper into her blanket and turned the TV off before childishly flinging the TV remote to the other side of the room. Hugging a stuffed animal to her chest, she laid down and rolled to her side, stubbornly forcing herself not to keep glancing toward the front door just incase her boyfriend decided to come home early for some reason. She knew he wouldn't though. Far too often, she would watch the door for hours until drifting off to sleep on the floor. 

Yoongi was very serious about his work. She knew he was. She had been with him since the beginning after all. He had worked long and hard to get where he was and it was finally starting to pay off. All the silent nights filled with tension because he was frustrated because of his work, all the fits of self doubt she'd have to coax him from, all the times they though his dream was going to get in the way of their relationship had all been for this.

Yoongi had stable gigs. His songs were being bought from companies and his raps were even getting featured in a few. BTS's activities were finally starting to pick up too. He was getting a name for himself after so many years of wondering if he was just another penniless artist chasing a pipe dream.

And she was happy for him. She truly was. Even though the couple rarely got to spend time with each other anymore, Yoongi was living his dream and she was nothing but supportive.

But she missed him. It would be nice if they could just eat dinner together again.

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