The Boys Next Door

2 best friends, Jaelyn and Jenna move to New York , to live out their dreams together. When they move in to their new apartment, they don't know what they are in for. They find out they live next to 4 extremely obnoxious bad boys. The ones they are told to stay away from. They are your typical group of boys, there is the bad boy, the player, the funny one, and of course the "sweet" one. They soon actually become friends with them. Some might end up falling for them. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys aren't so bad after all? This is about 2 best friends journey in life.


11. Wheel Chair Races

Jenna's POV

I start pacing around the hospital waiting room. I can't believe that just happened I hope she is okay. Jace shouldn't have made her do that. How'd he know she was scared of heights anyway?

Everyone else is waiting in the waiting room with me. All of us frantic, with nerves. After an hour of waiting, a nurse finally comes out. "Who's here for Jaelyn Amor?" asked the nurse in blue scrubs. We all stand up.

She looks up, and a weirded out look crosses her face. Why is she looking at us like that? Then it hits me, I look around at all of us. We probably look like weirdos. Me with my dry tear soaked face, with smeared mascara. I also have a mustache, moles, and a unibrow drawn on me.

Sam has his hands duct taped together. Chris' clothes are damp, with his hair all messed up. Alex has makeup on. Emily has dried egg, and egg shells in her hair. Abby has lipstick all over her face, and Jace is still wearing Jaelyn's clothes. Boy are we a weird bunch. Jace looks hilarious in leggings, and that sweater is almost a bra on him. Showing off his six pack.

I hold back laughter. The nurse then clears her throat. "Any of you family?" she asks.

"No, but I am her best friend," I reply.

"Come with me," she says. I follow her, and wave the others goodbye. We stop at Jaelyn's room. When we enter, Jaelyn in lying in her hospital bed.

"Jaelyn, you're awake. Are you okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a small concussion, and needed stitches on my head," she replies.

"Oh thank goodness, I was so worried about you," I say with a breath of relief.

"I know you were, but I'm fine now. I probably shouldn't have looked down," Jaelyn responds.

"It's not your fault. Your really afraid of heights," I say.

"Yup, also I think Jace might have read my diary. The bookmark wasn't in the spot where I left off," she says.

"That's why he gave you that dare! I'm going to kill him!" I yell angrily.

"Calm down Jenna, he probably just wanted to scare me. I don't think he knew I was going to react that way, or that I was that scared of heights," Jaelyn replies calmly.

I cooled down, and took deep breaths. After a couple of minutes, everyone else came in. "Jaelyn are you okay?" asks Emily.

"Yup, I'm fine guys," Jaelyn responds.

"Um...I'm you know...I'm...Sorry for giving you that dare," Jace says.

"Wow, you're actually apologizing. Looks like you have a soft spot for me," Jaelyn says making a kissy face at him.

"Oh shut up," Jace says looking down. Did I just see a tint of blush on his cheeks? Or was I just hallucinating it? They actually might make a cute couple if he wasn't such a jerk. After they all talk to Jaelyn for a bit, everyone headed home. 

"The doctor said I have to stay here overnight, just in case something else happens. Could you run home, and pack a bag for me?" Jaelyn asks.

"Sure, what do you need?" I ask.

"For clothes I need Pajamas, a pair of underwear, a bra, and clothes for school tomorrow. I also need my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and my backpack with my school stuff," Jaelyn replies.

"Got it, also I'm staying with you. I couldn't let you be here all by yourself. I'll pack for myself too," I reply.

"Thanks, love you," she replies.

"Love you too," I reply. I go home got all our stuff, and returned in an hour.

"Yay, you're back!" Jaelyn says happily.

"Yup, what do you want to do?" I ask, setting our stuff on the ground.

"Do you know what I'm in the mood for?" Jaelyn asks.

"Nope, what?" I ask amused.

"A turkey sandwich," Jaelyn replies.

"I'll go get you one," I reply grinning. I walk out into the hall, looking for a vending machine. After several minutes of looking, I finally find one.  I put in $2.00 and press 3A for a turkey sandwich. I should get something too. I decide to get a turkey sandwich too.

I walk back over to her room. "Here you go your majesty," I say bowing while handing her sandwich to her.

"Why thank you," Jaelyn replies taking the sandwich. We sit down and eat our sandwiches. After we finish, we just sit in silence.

"So.....what do you want to do?" I ask.

"I don't know," Jaelyn replies.

"Want to explore?" I ask.

"Heck yeah," Jaelyn replies. We get up, and go out into the hallway. We start roaming through the halls. Something catches our eye, and we stop. It is the kids cancer room. They are all sitting in there playing with their toys.

"Can we come in?" I ask the nurse.

"Yes," she replies opening the door for us. We walk in, all the kids turn and look at us. We greet them, and they greet us back.

"Want to play a game?" I ask them.

"Yeah!" they all reply cheerfully.

"It's called telephone, you can explain the rules Jaelyn," I say.

"First we all get in a big circle. Then someone thinks of a word, or sentence and whispers it to the person on their right. Then that person whispers it to the next person, and then keep going until we get to the last person. The last person will say it out loud, and we will see if they got the right thing," Jaelyn explains.

"Ready?" I ask. They all nod, and we all sit in a circle. I whisper pickle juice, water splashes, smelly sock, and crumbling cake. Jaelyn looks at me weirdly, then whispers it to a cute little girl on her right. The whole circle goes around until it landed on the last person, a little boy.

"Pajamas, whip streams, silly rocks, and rumbling snakes," the boy says out loud. Everyone starts laughing.

"I actually said, pickle juice, water splashes, smelly sock, and crumbling cake," I say. We continue playing more rounds, with weird outcomes. Then we start playing many other games, singing songs, and dancing.

"We have to go guys sorry," Jaelyn says sadly.

"Aw," the kids reply. We give all of them goodbye hugs. Once we go out in the hall, we see Sam, and Jace there.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jaelyn asks.

"We all came back, and we were looking for you guys," Sam replies

"Oh," Jaelyn and I reply. We start heading back to our room. Once we get there, we see everyone else. They greet us, and we greet them back. We all just sit in awkward silence.

"So....what do you guys want to do?" asks Chris.

"Let's have wheelchair races," Sam says sarcastically.

"Actually that's not such a bad idea," Alex replies.

"Yeah, it sounds like fun," Jace says.

"Yeah, you'd be the one who wants to cause mischief," Jaelyn says rolling her eyes.

"Come on Jaelyn, it really does sound like fun. You'll have a blast," I say giving her a pouty face.

"All right, but if we get in trouble I'm blaming you," Jaelyn replies. I smile at her.

"Well, let's start looking for some," Chris says. We all split up, and start looking around.

"Let's look in the closets," Emily says.

"Great idea," Abby replies. We found the nearest closet, and start rummaging through it.

"Found one!" Jaelyn says. She drags it out of the closet. After some more searching, we all found one. We meet up with the boys, and head outside. We get to the walking path after a few minutes of walking.

"Here's what we are going to do, we'll do a relay race. Boys against girls, we will all be at a certain spot, with an opposing teammate. The first two

players will race, then tag the next member, and so on. We will jog behind them, so we can cheer them on," Alex explains. Everyone nods in understanding.

"How about loser buys ice cream, for the winner?" Chris asks.

"Sounds like a good idea," Jace replies smirking. Wait until he sees what we are capable of.

"Everyone, get in your positions," Abby says. Everyone starts walking to their positions. It was Jaelyn against Jace first, then me against Sam, then Abby against Alex, then Emily against Chris.

"On your mark get set go!" We all shout. Jaelyn and Jace speeded on ahead. Jace is a tiny bit ahead.

"Jaelyn! Jaelyn! Jaelyn!" all the girls start chanting her name. After a minute she reached me, and tags me. I start going as fast as I can. Jaelyn and Jace start jogging behind us.

"Go Jenna!" Jaelyn yells cheering me on. Sam is a little bit ahead of me. I flash him a smile, he almost crashes. I speed on ahead of him. I get to Abby, and tag her. She races on ahead, and shortly after Sam goes and tags Alex. I get up, and jog along side Jaelyn, and Jace.

"What the heck Sam, why'd you almost crash?!" Jace asks angrily.

"I don't know, I just lost control," Sam replies. He turns to me, I smile sheepishly blushing. Abby is ahead of Alex.

"Come on Alex, go faster you wimp," comments Jace.

"Yeah Abby, you can do this!" Emily cheers from afar. Abby tags Emily, and Emily sped off. Shortly after, Chris gets tagged. Now we are all jogging behind, cheering them on. They are almost at the finish line! Emily crossed first!

"Yeah Emily!" Jaelyn says. We all run up to her, and hug her. The boys are all yelling at each other.

"It's your fault Sam, you slowed down, and almost crashed for no reason!" yells Chris.

"Hey, it's no ones fault! It's just a game!" replies Alex reasonably.

"Now we have to pay money for the ice cream," Jace says grumpily.

"It's just ice cream Jace," Sam replies.

"Well then, let's get going," Abby says, breaking up the awkward fight. We start heading to the ice cream shop, across the street from the hospital. Once we get there, we head up to the counter.

"What would you guys like?" the cashier asks.

"I'll have a vanilla pecan, topped with whip cream, and caramel," I reply.

"I'll have a Cotten candy, with rainbow sprinkles on top," Jaelyn replies.

"That's for kids," Jace says to Jaelyn. She sends him a glare, and sticks out her tongue. I slam my palm to my forehead, that was exactly what he wanted her to do. Jace smirks, and begun to order. "I'll have a chocolate fudge," Jace says.

"I'll have a mint chocolate chip," Emily says.

"I'll have a cookie dough," Abby says.

"I'll have a vanilla," Sam says.

"I'll have a strawberry," Alex says.

"I'll have a sherbet," Chris says.

"That will be $32.56," the lady says. The boys all groan, as they get out their wallets. They all one by one, pay their share. We walk outside, and start eating. After we were all almost done Jace turns around, and faces Jaelyn.

"That really is a kid flavor," Jace says to Jaelyn.

"So what? It tastes good," Jaelyn says.

"No it doesn't," Jace replies.

"Yeah it does, have you even tried it?" Jaelyn asks.

"No," Jace replies.

"Then have a bite," Jaelyn says.

"No," Jace replies.

"Come on," Jaelyn begs.

"No, I said I didn't--" Jace continues, but was interrupted when Jaelyn shoves the ice cream in his face.

"There, isn't it delicious?" Jaelyn asks. I stifled my laughter.

"You're going to pay for that!" Jace says, chasing after Jaelyn. There was ice cream dripping all over, Jaces face. He finally catches up to Jaelyn, and shoves his chocolate fudge ice cream all over her face.

"Ahh!" Jaelyn screams. We all break out into a full on ice cream food fight. I shove my vanilla pecan ice cream into Sam's face.

"Oh, two can play at that game," Sam says, then shoves his vanilla ice cream in my face. We all go around shoving our ice cream in each other's faces. Abby, shoves her cookie dough in Alex's face. He shoves his strawberry in hers. Emily does the same with her mint, and Chris does it to her with his sherbet.

After all the ice cream was wasted, we all burst out laughing. We look like total freaks once again. We all had ice cream all over us.

"I'll have to admit it did taste pretty good," Jace says.

"Told you!" Jaelyn replies. We all start laughing. We have been laughing a lot today.

"Well guys, Jaelyn and I should probably be heading back to the hospital," I say. It is already getting dark.

"Yeah, see you guys," Jaelyn says. We say our goodbyes. Sam even gives me a hug, which I rapidly blush at. Jaelyn and I began walking across the street, heading to the hospital. Once we get there, we check in. When we get to the room, I take a shower, then Jaelyn does.

I order Chinese food, and we watch Netflix. "You know, the guys aren't all that bad. They aren't as scary as everyone thinks they are," Jaelyn says to me yawning.

"Yup, maybe the bad boys aren't so bad," I say drifting off to sleep.

Hope you liked this chapter! I changed the date for their annual Central Park visit. It is now the 21st instead of the 24th. The dates, and timing was wrong. In case you haven't noticed, I changed the actor who plays Jace. He used to be Nick Robinson, but it is now Francisco Lachowski. Thanks for reading!


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