Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


1. The Beginning - Ally

"I'm not going," I crossed my arms to further prove my point and slouched back on the couch. Moving in the middle of eighth grade had been bad enough. I'd lived in California for a grand total of 2 months and 13 days. Now I was being forced to attend a dance with a bunch of church kids?? Rule one, I don't do socializing. I like sitting by myself and writing. Rule two, I don't dance. Ever. At least not when anyone can see me. 

"It could be good for you," my mom said. Which was her way of saying that I didn't really have a choice. She thought the dance would be best, so it was no surprise when at 8 pm, a short girl, two years my senior with frizzy brown hair, showed up on my doorstep with a large grin and walked me out to her mom's minivan. I sat silently, staring out the window. I was wearing a blue skirt and top and had my hair done in milkmaid braids. I felt pretty, but that didn't mean I had any desire to go. The last two dances had been horrible, why should this one be any different? For fifteen minutes I sat dreading the next three hours as my ride blasted country music. I hate country music. 

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