Facts about me :-)

This is not fiction this is bassicaly a book about me and my life.....dumb i know you dont have to read if you dont want to...... :-)


1. Chapter 1.

My life is pretty boring to me anyway well lets start from the begining.....


1.I am a girl

2.I am as single as a pringle(if you know where that comes from i love you)

3.I only have like 3 or 4 friends

4.I am in 5th grade

5.I have a crush(not tellibg yet and if you read my other book no its not seth i dont like him like that.)

6.I text my guy-friends in secret because my dad doesnt wang me texting boys.

7.I am 11 years old

8.I have 1 brother and 1 sister

9.I am the middle child

10.My aunt and cousins live with me

11.My favourite color is viliot.

12.I DESPISE chocolate(bet none of you saw that coming!lol)

those are some facts about me i could probaly try to update as much as i can but idk if i can everyday.....bear with me........ :-)

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