Didn't Turn Back

Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy doesn't go back to Willow at the end of Wrecked. Hours later Spike finds Willow with a bruised head and shredded arms nearly dead. Love vs guilt.


4. From The Waiting Room

“That is not good at all.” The doctor muttered nervously as he slowly walked down the hospital corridor. He wasn't all that eager to give the inhabitants of the waiting room the results of the 'what did the skin under Willow Rosenberg's fingernails come from' question. The analysis department had just finished testing the skin samples and her blood. Her blood was fine, but the DNA test results on the skin was unpleasant. He turned a corner and stopped dead in his tracks. The blonde one who had said her name was Buffy Summers was holding the other blonde. Trying to calm her down. The taller blondes sobbing was magnified by the surprisingly good acoustics in the waiting room and corridors. "Tara, it's okay, it's okay.” Buffy Summers told the hysteric girl in her arms. “She probably just doesn't want you to see her like this. So when she gets better she'll want to see you. I promise.” Tara buried her head in Buffy Summers' neck and shoulder, like she was trying to hide her face. “Calm down, Tara. Calm down. She is going to get better, and she is going to talk to you again. You need to calm down, Tara. Everything is going to be okay. I promise.” But Tara just tightened her hold on Buffy Summers. The doctor took a deep breath and continued walking. He stopped again a few steps away from the blondes. Buffy Summers glanced at the doctor and said. “Tara, Willow's doctor is here.” Tara let go of the Summers girl and wiped her eyes and nose on the ends of her sleeves. “S-s-s-so-sorry.” She stuttered her apology. “There's no need to apologize.” The doctor said, dismissing her apology. “So, what is it Doctor? Is there something wrong with-” She looked at Tara, who was trying to stop herself from crying even more, and trailed off. “No, as far as we can tell, there isn't anything wrong with Ms. Rosenberg.” He assured the two, he averted their eyes and gulped. The doctor wasn't looking forward to telling them what the skin was from. “I just got results of her blood test and the DNA test on the skin that we found under her nails back. And um,” He paused, looking at the floor. “What?” Buffy Summers asked nervously. He met the blondes eyes. “The, the skin that was under her nails was her own.” Buffy Summers' face went slack, her eyes went wide and her jaw fell open slightly. The other blondes sorrow was replaced by confusion. “I-I d-don't underst-stand. How c-can it b-be her own? W-what does that m-m-mean?” Tara's voice cracked in a few places as she questioned the doctor in front of her. “It means that she, most likely, cut her wrists with her finger nails. I don't know why she did. But the lab is rarely wrong, and I already got them to double check it and the results were the same. I'm sorry.” He said, genuinely sorry. He didn't feel like he could stand to be there much longer, so he excused himself and walked to his office. Buffy and Tara turned to look at each other, then they turned to Willow's door. They rushed to it, Buffy in the lead. The slayer hit the door too hard, and it split in half. Neither of them payed any attention to it and just rushed to Willow then stopped at the end of her bed. She was sitting in the same position she was in earlier. Legs crossed underneath her, hands in her lap, but her head was leaning against the wall. With her skin paler than usual, her eyes half shut and staring of into space and her mouth hung slightly ajar. Her shoulders and chest didn't rise and fall with breaths, they just hung there, like a marionette puppet whose strings had been severed. Tara found that she couldn't move. Her feet were stuck to their spot on the ground and her body was frozen in ice. It wasn't normal ice because it was burning her and crushing her into a ball. Something must have just stabbed Her. Because her heart pounded against something sharp and cold and burning. The air in the room didn't let her breath it in and her lungs felt as if they were being tied into knots. A word erupted from her like a trumpet. It screeched throughout the room and her ears, along with everyone else's in the room stung. "WILLOW!!!!!!" Tara couldn't move, but whatever had trapped her hadn't trapped the slayer. Buffy ran to Willow yelling her name. She grabbed her shoulders and shook her, trying to wake her up. “XANDER!” She screamed. He was at the door in less than a second and upon seeing the site, he stumbled backwards into the broken door. “Oh god.” He said, his voice full of disbelief and pain. Spike and Dawn reached the door and Spike turned around and ran off yelling for Willow's doctor. Dawn screamed and cried, her hands covering her mouth. Spike and the doctor soon appeared, and the doctor sprinted to Willow, moved her into a lying position, and started trying to revive her.
 Nurses flowed into the room. Some of which tried usher the Scoobies out, but non would move. Not when the nurses tried to pull them out and Tara stayed stationary even when the slayer tried pulling her out. The slayer hugged her arms around the immobile witch and watched the doctors and the nurses try to save her best friend.
 The nurse with her hair pulled back in a bun, hooked Willow up to a machine that beeped in time with her very, very slow heart. A doctor with a mustache rubbed the two metal handle things of a defibrillator together and said “Clear.” Then pressed them to Willow's chest. Her legs and arms became stiff and straight. Her shoulders and the back of her head pushed down against her bed, lifting the rest of her body up. Then she went limp and fell back to the bed. Mustache rubbed the handles together again, said “Clear.” and zapped Willow. Her body did the same thing again. Each time he zapped her the machine connected to Willow beeped faster, then slowed. “I'm not getting enough of a reaction, inject her, Al.” Another doctor grabbed a syringe and filled it halfway with a clear liquid. He moved over to Willow and injected it into her neck. Her heart beat picked up for a few seconds, but fell back down. Down it went. The beeps of the machine attached to Buffy's best friend got further and further apart. Until they stopped. No more beeps. No more instructions from the doctors or nurses. And Tara screamed again, her body shaking like an earthquake. Buffy was crying now and hugged Tara close, sharing her grief. Buffy's best friend and the love of Tara's life had just died in front of them. The slayer heard Xander shout something from the doorway, but didn't hear what he said. "Call it.” The mustached doctor said. And the doctor who injected her with that clear liquid called out the time. The time of Willow Danielle Rosenberg's death.

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