Act the part

Mac is the girl that would act any part if you ask her to when Luke needed her to act a part for him to make his ex-girlfriend jealous but during the process he falls in love with Mac will she feel the same way or not?


18. Part 17

mac's point of view 

I put on a skull shirt , ripped skinny jeans , and high tops i don't put on makeup and I put my hair In a ponytail I get my stuff ready for school I see Ashton come down the stairs all ready he stops and looks into my eyes I do the same I get my back pack and wallk up to him 

Mac-" thank you " 

Ashton-" for what " 

Mac-" everything that you've done even though you didn't have to but you wanted to " 

Ashton-" your welcome " 

I kiss him and he kisses back our lips move in sync it was amazing 

Ashton-" you choose Luke " 

Mac-" yes but I also know that if I didn't kiss you I wouldn't be able to sort out my feelings so I kissed you before I have the chance not too" 

Ashton-" we'll try to be friends " 

Mac-" yeah " 

* at school * 

I see Michael he runs over and hugs me so does Calum and Luke does the same after the hugging is done I kiss Luke and we intertwine our fingers together it was Luke from the start.

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