Don't stop believing.

If you were the only survivor on a plane what would you do? Where will you go? Being alive is more than just breathing for Alya anymore, it is noticing how lucky it is to be one of the 7.4 billion people alive while millions are dying from diseases, hunger or many other heart breaking reasons. Embrace life it is a gift.


1. The Sea|Chapter 1

The waves crashed on the rocks around her, she could hear screams from mothers, sons, daughters and drunk first class passengers. She bobbed up and down in the water. Water going up her nose and through her mouth, she began to get paranoid struggling in her life jacket, staring at the disaster of the plane crash. Fire blazing underwater and above, helicopters hovering above them, ladders being thrown down, people being helped up. Alya observes the area around her, she sees panic and fear.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We're heading into turbulence, everyone get seated," Alya could see everyone get strapped in, some not worried at all, but other young travellers panic filled their eyes. There was a sudden pop, an overhead carrier opened up, a suitcase fell and left a flight attendant unconscious. Oxygen masks popped out, now everyone was panicking. Before anyone could put them on, there was crash and a boom. Alya could see some people swimming out, but there was another explosion and they died. She put on her life jacket, and jumped into the freezing sea.

A ladder bumped her head as it dangled from the helicopter, she rubbed where it was sore and when she drew her hand away it was covered in blood.

She fell unconscious. Men came down the ladder and dragged her in the helicopter.

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