why lie to me?

Thor 2


1. Why Lie To Me?

It was my first time going down to the dungeon. I may be a guard, but I've never actually fought someone. I've been training with some of the best warriors in Asgard, even Prince Thor. Though today, everyone is saying that I will be meeting the most deadliest man in all of Asgard. I don't believe that, since most of the guard tend to be a little over dramatic.

I continue to follow the other guards down the the long hallway. I find it strange why King Odin put me in charge of this mysterious villain, let alone make me, one of the only women in Asgard (besides Sif) a guard.

We continued a little further then walk to enter a cell. I couldn't see who was in the cell since the guards are in my line of sight. We entered the cell. The guards still blocked my view. "Lady (y/n), we leave you here. Good Luck, we will come to check on you regularly. And do no hesitate to use your weapon on him." One of the guards inform me.

I stare at him like he's crazy, which he is for leaving me in here. I continue to stare at them as the leave me. Having my back turned to the person who has been confined in this prison.

"how strange is it for Odin to have a women guard me from inside my cell." i voice says from be behind me. I turn around to face the owner of the voice. Who I came face to face with shocked me, and my reflexes kicked in.

"Prince Loki." I say, then kneel in respect. "Prince? It's been a long time since someone has said that, and meant it." Loki says with some shock in his voice.

I stand back up, a bit confused. "Why would no one mean it. You are the prince of Asgard." I tel him, with respect in my voice. "You really don't know do you?" He states more than he asks. I get confused again. "Know what?" I ask.

"You really haven't worked it out have you. Here's a hint, Why would a prince of Asgard be locked up in the dungeon?" Loki says. "I, I don't know." I say.

"Really (y/n)? You don't remember, what happened on Midgard. Come on try to remember. try to remember what happened before that. Come On!" Loki says, getting closer to me, His voice rising at the end.

I was backing away from him, until my back it the wall. "I don't know what your talking about Loki! honestly I don't." I say a little scared at this point. "Please (y/n), try to remember! Do you remember me at all?!" He shouts a bit.

"you're the Prince of Asgard." I say quickly. "Besides that!" He says. "uh, you're, you.... I, I don't know." I whisper, looking down, trying to think.

"Then let me help. I'll use my magic t bring back your memories." Loki says. I was about to agree, but a voice in my head tells me to fight him, to not let him use his magic on me.

I look up at Loki and glare at him. "Don't come near me. You're not allowed to use magic. You could kill for all I know (A/N- or worse expelled) !" I shout getting out my fire whip. He glares at me as well, "I'm telling you the truth (y/n)! Let me help you!" He yells at me.

I use my whip and hit the ground next to him, "I don't want to hurt you, but i will if i have to." I say, glaring harder at him. "Do it, I dare you. Because the (y/n) I know wouldn't do that to me. Now, just try, to remember!" He shouts, coming closer to me.

"Stay! Back!" I shout, using my whip, aimng it towards him. The fire on my whip got bigger right before it was going to hit him. Right when it was going to hit him, he did something that shocked me. He grabbed the whip. I stared at him wide eye, officially scared.

He notice my reaction, and smirks. He pulls my whip out of my hands. I gasp. He comes closer to me blocking my way of escape. I backed up further, but I fell back on a bed, now i officially have no place to escape.

Loki got on top of me to make sure I don't escape, I tried to hit him, but he grabs my wrists and pin them above my head. "I'm not going to hurt you! I just want you to remember." He says. Then does something that shocks me. He kisses me!

I started to feel memories come back into my mind, I close my eyes and kiss him back.. He lets my wrists go and smiles into the kiss. After a while we pull apart, him smiling, "You remember now?" he asks. I just nod my head, tears about to flow from my eyes.

"I'm glad you remember who you really are, Mrs. Laufeyson. Now, shall we try again to rule a realm?" He asks.

I smirk, "When do we start?"

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