Princess Rebel

Being a princess isn't what it's made out to be. You can't make a single mistake, you have to walk right, talk right, and do everything perfectly. Well, it's not going to work for me. Much to everyone's surprise and expense, I'm a rebel. And rebel's aren't perfect.

1. 1.

Ever wandered what it would be like to be a princess? Dressed up in your mom's best dresses, walked around in her heels, and told everyone the have to bow to you? Well, let me tell you something. Life as a princess isn't fun. It sucks. You have to do everything right; no mistakes. Like, for example, today. . .


I was awoken by the maid shaking me saying, " Get up, miss Charlena. You have princess school today." She chips, pulling the covers back. I groan. " Brenda, please. How many times have I told you to call me Charlie? And I don't want to be a princess. I want to live a normal life." I pull the cover over my head, ignoring the gasps that flow around the room. I have four sisters, and they are all the same. Sure, they look different, but they are all exactly what every one wants them to be. Ladylike and perfect.


The sheets get yanked off me and I shiver from the cold air. " Miss Charlie! That is NOT appropriate attire! You better be dressed in something more ladylike before you meet your father! Oh, how dreadful you are!" She said, her voice snobbish and laced with a fake British accent. I ignore her comment about my tank top and shorts and trudge into the bathroom as my sisters look on with their mouths wide open. I roll my eye's, causing them to gasp again, and sigh. Seriously, I grew up with these girls, they should be used to the way I am by now. Though I can't blame them, since my own father doesn't know me.


He is the king of Modamia, the kingdom we live in, and he's busy all the time with things like wars and stuff ( which I would love to be a warrior or commander and participate in, much to my sister's disgusts.) Modamia is a kingdom that is part of another, larger kingdom called Teronia that is basically ruled by the sternest king alive, King Portone The Second. Teronia stretches out over all the seven kingdoms it rules. My kingdom is the one that supplies poetry, as weird as it may sound, and my dad is constantly signing poetry to be sent to King Pertone and his two sons.


Also, my mom died 4 months ago, and he is missing her like heck, mourning and groaning all the time. Such a drama queen! Or should I say king? I'm really not sure, but I honestly don't care. When my mom died, and after we buried her in the kingdoms royal cemetery, everyone in the kingdom cried and cried for days on end. Everyone except me that is. I didn't shed a tear. Why? Because I taught myself at a very young age never to love anyone.


Now, let me tell you what happened for the rest of the day: My dad got med at my choice of clothing but it was too late to change ( Long skinny jeans, a black crop top, a vampire bat necklace and earrings, black and silver vampire slave bracelet, and black studded ankle boots while all the other girls where wearing frilly gowns), I was criticized by the cook and Brenda at breakfast for no using ' proper table manners', had to sit through a long princess class about sitting properly ( Yes! Theirs a proper way to sit!), got a headache from balancing five dictionaries on my head for an hour ( That technique has to be at least a hundred years old!), and got told that since me and my sisters with be fifteen in three months, it's about time our dad chose a husband for each of us.


While all the other girls screamed about that last part, jumping around for joy like little bunnies in a burning forest. I just stood there taking deep, slow breaths and completely freaking out. A husband? Oh, hell no. Hell no. Just great. Life as a princess was going to be harder than I thought. Someone please help me! Because if someone doesn't, this girl is gonna rebel! Especially after finding out my dad agreed to the request of another kingdom, and my husband ( or should I say master!) is going to be Xavier, son of King Portone, the sternest and cockiest prince in all of Teronia!






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