I Love You Mummy

Why isn't mummy responding? Why isn't mummy hearing me? What's happening mummy?


1. In My Heart


Why isn't mummy answering me? I tug at her hand. She stirs slightly but doesn't seem to notice that I'm standing right beside her. Mummy is crying. I don't like that mummy is crying, I should comfort her.

"Mummy don't cry. Let's draw something together. Or maybe we can go pluck some flowers?"

Mummy loves flowers. She always calls me her little flower. This time mummy doesn't answer. Mummy doesn't call me her little flower.


 Mummy isn't moving. She's wearing an ugly black dress. Mummy hates black so why would she wear a black dress? I leave mummy and sit down at my table to draw. I'm going to draw mummy a card to cheer her up. I pick up the pink crayon and start drawing the outline of a heart. It's not a perfect heart, but mummy will love it anyway. She always does. Around the heart I draw mummy and myself. We are holding hands, and the heart is floating over our heads. I pick up the purple crayon, it's my favorite color. I write I Love You inside the heart. I pick up the drawing and carry it to mummy. She still doesn't look at me.

"Mummy, see what I drew you!"

I smile to her. Mummy doesn't respond. My eyes start stinging. Why isn't mummy bothering me? The tears flow down my cheeks. I throw the drawing at her and run away.



Mummy is calling for me! I dry my tears and skip into the living room.

"My dear Katelyn how is this possible?"

Mummy is crying again.

"How is what possible mummy?"

Mummy doesn't hear me. She is holding my drawing in her hand. Mummy turns her back to me, and walks over to something else in the room. It's a box. But it has an odd shape. I walk closer to the box and stand on my toes to peek into it.



 I'm screaming and crying, but mummy doesn't react. How is it possible? I'm standing right here, and yet I'm lying in that weird box.

"My dear Katelyn, you were too young."

Too young for what? I realize that mummy must have been able too see my drawing, and I run over to my paper and crayons again. I write as fast as I can, tears still streaming down my cheeks. What's wrong mummy? What's happened? I hold the note out to mummy, and her face turns blank.

"Katelyn? Is that you?"

I take the crayon in my hand and write yes.

"Oh my god Katelyn."

Mummy's tears are flowing full force.

"I'm so sorry little flower, everything is my fault."

And as mummy says that, something clicks in my head.


 I can remember everything now. I walk over to my little table and pick up one of my notebooks. Mummy is sitting at the table, and I seat myself next to her. It's okay mummy I write. I'm okay mummy, it wasn't your fault. I love you.

"I love you too little flower. You'll always be in my heart."

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