If Anne Had Lived

This is what if Anne Frank had survived the war.

Thanks so much for reading!! :)))

Savannah <3


1. August 4th 1944



        Dear Kitty,

Today has been quite a day! Our day started just like normal until around 10:30. Then we heard banging downstairs. I honestly was afraid that the Gestapo were coming to get us. Mother almost fainted because of this. We were still as mice for over 30 minutes. They kept banging and yelling, just saying they knew Jews were somewhere here in this building. I held my breath afraid they could hear my breath. Finally they just stopped banging. About an hour later, Miep came in crying. I ran to her. "What ever is the matter Miep?" I asked. "The Gestapo were here Anne. That's who was banging on the door. Someone tipped them off, saying there were Jews living here." My eyes grew as big as saucers upon hearing this. So it was the Gestapo! My father just let out a breath and sat down. "Thank Yahweh." He said and closed his eyes.  Peter came up behind me and hugged me. "Oh Peter, I was so scared." I whisper to him. "I know Anne. I was too." He whispers back, then he softly kisses my cheek.  Soon the lunch break is over and we go back to being quiet until the workers leave for the day. When they finally do leave, we stretch, go to the bathroom, hug, etc. Then we have our supper and sing. And now I am tired Kitty. Till Next time!!



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