The Twin Brother

This is the story of the twin of Luke Hemmings.

Hey, I'm Julian Hemmings. I'm the twin of Luke Hemming, but the only difference is that I have purple hair.


2. Chapter 1


        I woke up to the sound of GreenDay playing from Luke's room. I groan, and get up out of bed, before pulling on my skinny jeans. I went out of my room, and knocked on my twin's room. 

"Go Away!" I heard him shout from inside. 

"Luke, please turn it down a little bit.. it's really loud." I said, trying to hold my cool.

"Shut the *heck* up, and go away!" I heard him yell back. That was it.. I kicked the door, hard, and saw it swing open.

I saw him look up, and say "Well hey, didn't know you came to visit." I walked up to him, and slapped him hard across the face. I felt strong and rough hand pick me up by my waist, and drag me away from him. I crossed my arms when my older brother, Jack went to check on Luke.

I felt my other older brother, Ben, knock me in the back of the head, and say "Why the *heck* are you slapping Luke this time?!" I felt Ben turn me around, only to be met with my piercing glaring eyes.

I said, "He wouldn't turn his stupid music down! I actually asked nicely this time.." I saw Ben look at Jack and Luke, and say "Luke, why do you do this?! You KNOW it makes him mad."

I pulled away from Ben, and ran over to Luke, about to punch him, when he smirked, and said "Because it's reeeeally funny." I felt Jack, and Ben both pull me backwards, and say "Julian, If you don't stop, mom is going to find out, and you'll both get in trouble." I finally gave up on pulling away, and I turned, burying my face in Ben's chest.

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