The Silk Mind

Ashlin Smith is bored with his apparently pointless job in the Royal Badger Survey, and is trying to quit so he can go and be a blacksmith like his family expected. However, the true purpose of the Badger Survey is a lot less boring than he knows or would prefer.

Ashlin, Jenna, Justin and Derk face monsters natural and unnatural as they are tangled up in political intrigue and the civilization-threatening side-effects of ancient sorcery.


1. Setting the Scene


Through the pines comes a man,

with eyes fixed on the ground,

but an ear for each sound,

and he writes all he finds.

It is hard to believe that worse troubles exist,

where the sun lights the mist through the pines.


And another has seen

what is far from his sight,

that is painful to write,

and a danger to minds.

So his fingers grip tight as the pen writes in red,

like his meaning has bled through the lines.


Here a beast sleeps adream,

there another enraged,

yet another uncaged;

there are beasts of all kinds,

where the dark brings confusion and light brings regret,

like a wind cold and wet through the pines.

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