Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."



After about 20 minutes of trying to sleep I shot my eyes open and looked over at Holden, "I can't sleep ugh stupid jet lagged I'm all messed up now" I sighed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, going on YouTube to check for any new comments.

Yes, I am a youtuber, I'm actually very well known I guess. I posted a video before I left, it was basically a rant about how I hate my parents and they're making me move across the whole fucking world. But seeing as the comments I was reading weren't negative at all I guess people liked it.

I pulled my headphones out of my ears and opened up to my camera app, then I plugged my phone into the Aux cord.

"Chas what are you doing?" He looked at me funny, "wait are you making a video" he laughed and smirked at me.

"Yeah and you're gonna be in it"

"Wow I'm impressed that you want someone In your video that 'got up and fucking left me what a prick'" he laughed.

"Oh so you watched my last video.." My eyes shot wide.

"Yeah but it's fine I don't blame you I just up and left you"

"Uh yeah sorry about that" I whispered.

"Nah it's fine" he smiled and turned up the volume.

I hit record and waved into the camera.


"Hellooooo people of YouTube" she smiled and the boy next to her laughed. "Here today with me is the so called prick I mentioned in my last video," she leaned over to him and smiled, earning a chuckle from him, "we're all good I'm not mad at him anymore" she giggled. Her fucking giggle is so cute I could listen to it on loop.

"Well this here is my brother I talk about all the time and let me tell you he's just so great I love him so much" she stared at him for a few seconds, then they both Burst out in laughter. "Funny we actually hate each other I swear"

"Holden tell the people of YouTube what the best part of coming to Sydney is" she looked at him, "come on tell 'Em I know you know!"

Holden. It's Holden. Like Holden that lives three houses down. And Chasity is...his sister? Holy fuck she's coming with him.

"Hey Mike, Ash, Cal guys get in here Chasity posted another video a couple minutes ago"

"I'll watch it later" I heard Ash tell.

"No man you gotta see this"

"What is it another rant video" Michael chuckled, sitting next to me on the couch, "what is she saying about us this time"

I had paused the video now, waiting for everyone to get in here. "Fine man" he spat, joining the rest of us on the couch.

"I don't know if she's gonna talk about us yet but check this out" I rewound the video a few seconds and then hit play.

"Holden tell the people of YouTube what the best part of coming to Sydney is" she looked at him, "come on tell 'Em I know you know!"

"5 seconds of summer lives in Sydney yeah yeah I've heard it nine times since You got in the car" he laughed and she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah but what if- ok get this" she looked at the camera all serious, "what if we like see them and then just" she let out a whine and a groan all in one. I laughed.

"What's so funny man?" Cal asked, looking at me with an extremely confused look.

"Dude, she's Holden's sister, I don't think he told her he's tight with us she's gonna be with us practically everyday, she's totally gonna loose her shit when she walks through that door, which could be any minute might I add"

Michael shoved me, making sense of what I was saying, "dude we're totally using these videos against her once we get to know her" Ash laughed agreeing with him.

"Chas calm down they're just people" he laughed, looking over to her then back to the road.

She glared at him.

"They aren't just people, they're the most amazing people ever and I just love them so much and I just wanna," she paused and looked at him, "you're really gonna think I'm crazy but if you've watched any of my recent videos you know where this is going," she laughed and pointed at the camera, "they all know where this is going"

He looked over at her, concern evident in his eyes. "Chas where are you going with this?" He laughed.

"I just wanna like, ugh Luke, Daddy holy fuck I just wanna, I just wanna" she paused and put her hand on her forehead. "This is making me emotional i just wanna jump up and give them all these great big hugs and fucking Michael gives the best fucking hugs I know it he probably just like" she paused again and looked up at the camera, "oh my god Holden I can't even deal this is all so overwhelming"

"Chas you were on a plane for 19 and a half hours, I think you need sleep this isn't normal" he laughed, looking over at her.

"No Holden you dont understand this is completely normal this is what the whole 5sos fam is like"

"Chas you're delusional they're just people"

"Holden say that one more time and I'll chop off your balls" they stared at each other for a minute or so before hysterically laughing.

"You just don't understand"

"Whatever you say"

I noticed the white sweatshirt she was wearing, it just simply had our tallies in the corner, we don't even make those.

"I'm not obsessed I just simply love them.." She trailed off. "Pick a lane Holden"

"I'm in the right lane were getting off this ex-"

"No you idiot, like I don't need you all up in my lane so I need you to pick your own-"

"Chas what are you talking about?" He was laughing now.

I knew exactly what se was talking about.

"Like-" she cut herself off by pulling her sweatshirt over her head and putting it right side out, a big 'LH' on the back, "You're not allowed in the Luke lane"

He laughed at her, "oh" is all he had to say.

"Let's make a deal"


After we get home and you unpack I want you to come meet my friends, if you can keep your chill I'll buy you lunch-"

"Don't know why I would freak out so deal" she laughed and looked back at the camera. "Well that's all for today, I'll see you guys in a few days with more to update about my new life here in Sydney"

She smiled and lifted her hand forwards before closing it over the camera.

"Mate if you're looking for a girlfriend I think you're in luck" Calum tackled me to the ground.

"Fuck off Hood I don't think me dating a fan would go very far she'll probably be clingy and not be able to even sleep"

Xx idk if this makes sense but it goes from Chasity's POV to Luke's if you were confused :)

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